July Favorites

by Team KIT

It's funny how when you are working hard to create product (hellloooo 2020 Launch right around the corner) that your personal purchasing slows down. But, nonetheless, we still have several favorites from this past month that we can't wait to share. 

The Home Edit

You know we love any and all things organizational - and The Home Edit covers all of our #housegoals with impeccable style and a beautifully curated feed. We love their book  and the adorable labels it came along with. When it comes to this company - we simply can't get enough.

Photo by @thehomeedit

Paleo Puffs

We're always on the hunt for scooby snacks, and when we ran across the Cheesy Paleo Puffs on our Thrive account - we had to try them out. And YUM. Literally, I got in trouble in my house because I ate them all before my kiddos could give them a try. Following this new relationship - and on a recent trip to Dallas, we discovered their Apple Cider Vinegar and Sea Salt. Let's just say this new snack has quickly become a staple in our household! 

Photo by @taylor.schae

You better believe we love our cheese, but it doesn't always do well for our skin or belly's. So - we're thrilled about Good Foods releasing this cauliflower Queso Style dip which differs from the very common cashew-based competition. And guys - if cauliflower can become queso, we can become anything we want to be. Thanks, Good Foods, for yet another reminder.

Photo by @goodfoods

The Alchemist

For years I've heard people rave about this book. Though the story is fictional, there are tons of personal development undertones which made it my perfect cup of tea. It's an easy read - one that I couldn't put down. So it was only a matter of days to finish and it's on my highest recommendation list. Another fantastic reminder that we should all chase our dreams. 

Quote art shared by @_wordbeat

TripIt App

If you follow us, you'll see that all 3 of us #kitgirls are BIG on travel. Recently, I got this new App that helps to organize all of my travel plans (and BONUS - any bookings / reservations) in one spot. It's super handy and doesn't take any effort. The app accesses your emails to read for anything upcoming and creates events / trips for you. Now, I feel like I can't travel without it. 

Photo by @tripitcom

Collard Green Wraps

I've found out about myself - that I like anything in a wrap / taco. While on the constant hunt for options to offer more variety to our Taco Tuesdays, I discovered Collard Greens being used as a wrap at my local Juice'd restaurant. I've adopted this idea and have been making them at home with some frequency and LOVE it as another option! Steaming is the trick, but once softened just a tad - they are perfect! Also - it's Allen kid approved. 

Photo by @veganmerbear

What are some of your favorite finds from July? We'd love to hear.