January | Plan with Me

by Liz Allen

For months now the girls and I have been talking about starting a Plan With Me series to share - and January is the absolute perfect time to start such a tradition. Let me start by saying that this blog/vlog is full of firsts. It's the first ever Plan with Me, it's the first month in our new 2018 planners, the first year that I've used both weekly and daily planners - and it's the first time I've ever shared in detail how I plan for the weeks ahead. 

How Weekly won me over as an at Home Planner

For years, kitlife has only created daily planners - and for a very specific reason. Jessica, Jenny and I are all daily gals - we feel that the space a daily planner provides gives us what we need! But as time went on, we realized that without a weekly planner - our mission to help woman "keep it all together" fell short! Some women truly function best with a weekly layout. So, for 2018, we launched our first ever Weekly Planner(For more on that, read this blog). 

As a member of the team, I really wanted to find a way to use that Weekly Planner upon release. I didn't know how I was going to - but I knew I wanted to implement it into my planning routines. So, with much excitement I headed into inventory, coiled one up and brought it home. I stared at the Navy and Gold beaut - and it finally hit me. I was missing a Home Planner. Yes, I consider myself to be a very organized person - yet there were several times in 2017 that my husband and I ran into scheduling conflicts that threw our household into momentary chaos. And why? We organize ourselves separately. I told Sean the new "plan" - and he agreed - this could be a game changer for organizing our family's schedule.

What comes before I start my weekly planning

Before I even dive into my month - I like to take a second to review the January Welcome Page. The page allows me to get acquainted with the month ahead, and there are also some great highlights to help me plan. Here's one of my favorite tips from January's Self Care section. 

JANUARY WELCOME SELF-CARE | If you're looking for some fit-spiration this month, check out the8colorsoffitness.com. You can take a quick quiz to map out your fitness personality.

Yes! I totally took this quiz. Turns out I'm "Gold." Check out our facebook group to see my results (and some other kitgirl results, too!)

| January Monthly Welcome | 

kitlife daily planner

Next, is the 2 page monthly spread. This is definitely one part of the planners that share content (they are literally almost photo copies of each other!) I don't frequently turn back to my monthly spread. Instead,  I use it to plan for the month ahead and only re-visit it when I'm planning my weeks. I could definitely step up my sticker game here, but for right now - they are ALL pencil.

| January 2 Page Monthly Spreads | 



What comes before I start my Weekly Planning

The first week of January I was just getting my feet wet - and it shows. It was very un-natural for me to plan in a weekly spread. The second week of January was joined with stickers by Krissyanne Designs. Not only did I have fun creating my week, but my sticker choices for the week really upped my planning game. Adding some simple stickers made my week more visually pleasing - and it helped me to quickly see the important pieces without getting lost in my handwriting. 

| Week 1 | 
Kitlife Weekly Planner

| Week 2 | 

For the notes section on my weekly spread, I'm going to leave that open as a place to write reminders, lists, etc. 

When I "Weekly"

Though this part of my planning is brand new - I envision writing in my Weekly Planner once a week on Sundays. This is always the day of the week that my family is around the house. On Sundays we relax, get prepared for the week ahead and when we sit down to do our weekly budget. So adding a quick Weekly Planning session in on Sundays seems like the obvious choice. So far, this planner has remained open in my kitchen so we can all see it throughout the week. And, truth talk, I enjoy a pat on the back - so I really enjoy checking things off that I've completed.

Finding function in my every day

I like to consider myself a functional planner through and through. So, there will be days that yes - I decorate my planner, but there will also be days that you see nothing but pencil. And I'm ok with that. 

| Pencil Only | 

I will admit, after my week 2 spread in my weekly planner turned out so nice - I got an uptick of inspiration to have some sticker fun in my daily. There are thousands of sticker shops out there, but we especially love a good sticker that is fit to our daily pages. The planner pages have been designed with so much function, so stickers that amplify or echo that function really speak to me!

| Stickers Added Pre-Pencil | 

When it comes to using stickers in the daily, I really prefer to design "before the pen." If I ever use stickers after/during the pen - it's usually much more decorative.

Doin' it "Daily"

My daily planner is in a constant state of use. Though I do have planning routines, I am VERY attached to my kit (it goes with me EVERYWHERE).  Unlike the Weekly, I don't plan ahead and only check things off, I'm constantly writing new things in my planner on the current day, on future days (and sometimes even on previous days!). My go-to planning routines include a session on Sunday to frame out the week, a planning session at night before bed to pre-plan the day ahead and some good "kit time" in the morning before I dive into my day. 


Getting a little more done in January

Another tradition that we've started this month, is our Nesting Tips & Tricks subscription (learn more about this here). As soon as I got mine, I printed it out and popped it into my Planner Dashboard. For me, the to-do list is great, but if I REALLY want to get something done, it has to go in my planner. This list is super simple - but I love how I feel accomplished and the little things really do add up. I chose to use the same color / style sticker for each item on the list so that I could very easily spot them week to week. 

| Green Flags for January Tips & Tricks | 

Hope ya'll get the chance to watch our Live Plan with Me Segment on replay. We'd love to hear from you how you're planning for January.

Health & Happiness,