January Favorites

by Liz Allen

Girls - we are SO excited for our first ever Monthly Favorites Blog. 

We’re going to begin publishing a short list each month of our favorite things, foods and experiences.
So enjoy, #kitgirl – and let us know what YOUR favorites are this month.


Mark and Graham Zipper Pouch
It should be no surprise that the first thing on the list for 2018 is a canvas clutch. I’m a huge fan of Mark & Graham’s style – and was SO pleased to receive this sweet little pouch under my Christmas tree this year. I have put it to good use as it currently goes EVERYWHERE with me storing my favorite pencils, stickers and planner goods.

Here's their Hand-Painted Canvas Zip Pouch (similar).

Mark and Graham Pouch

iPad Stand
Yes, we are all about the paper and pen - but we do like a good tech-toy every now and again, too. Especially for our beloved iPads. We found this stand on Ms. Gold Girl’s Blog of Lifestyle Favorites , and don’t know how we ever lived without it. Here’s the stand we snagged on Amazon.

iPad Stand on Amazon

Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitener
We are a team divided on this particular product. Jenny (and her pearly whites) recommended it to Jess and I. While I’m still waiting to try it – Jess tried it and likely wont do it again. The hysterical zombie-like appearance that you boast during the whitening process may alone be worth the cost of this all natural teeth whitener .

Activated Charcoal

StinkBug Deodorant

Give me all-the-things in a Lavender scent. I recently stumbled across this brand at Costco and I’m loving it so far! Now, if you’ve not done a natural deodorant before… you should know the sweat protection that you get is much different that a traditional Secret or Degree deodorant. But - this is odor protection without the aluminum, parabens or sulfate at it's finest. 

You can also find this natural deodorant on Amazon.

Natural Deodorant

Red Nails
Perhaps I’m a bit influenced by this Navy Lace Dress that I snagged from Nordstrom Rack for my 10 year anniversary dinner (which is ON SALE right now!) – but I just can’t stop rockin’ a red nail as of lately. There's nothing classier than navy blue and red – so until further notice my nails will remain in this beautiful OPI shade of Coca Cola Red.

OPI Coca Cola Red

Custom Stickers
Our very own Jessica collaborated with the creative geniuses over at Design Pandemonium on a custom sticker project for Christmas. The results? Simply amazing. 

Jessica gifted her gorgeous daughter Hannah some #selfie stickers and motivational quotes - perfect for use in her kitlife Weekly Planner.

Custom Stickers

Floss Picks
Around here we are all about building good habits - and flossing is one of them! We all know we’re supposed to floss every day – but let’s be real – unless you’re sporting a DMD after your name – we all need a gentle nudge in the flossing department. These floss picks (displayed in a cute glass on your vanity) have turned out to be the perfect remedy.

Floss Picks


Hard-Boiled Egg Packs
Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a hard-boiled egg JUNKIE. I have looked at all possible tips and tricks to cook my eggs to perfection and friends of mine have even gifted me Egg Cookers (which I love). So when Costco released their organic, cage free hard-boiled egg packs – I fell in love. They are pre-cooked and pre-peeled so all the hard work is already behind me. It is the perfect post-workout snack and I love that they come in individually wrapped packs of two!

Hardboiled Eggs

Food Processor
This item is a new one on my radar, likely because my Vitamix has been my go-to for so long. But this weekend for a little Saturday night fiesta - I pulled out my parents' KitchenAid Food Processor to help me make some Radish Coleslaw to top our tacos with (which turned out AMAZING btw) and the prep experience was to die for.

Radish Coleslaw Taco Topper

½ lb of Red Radishes (shredded)

½ lb of Baby Carrots (shredded)

1 Red Ambrosia Apple finely chopped

2 Tbsp White Vinegar

½ tsp Himalayan Sea Salt

½ tsp Black Pepper

½ tsp Garlic Powder

½ tsp Celery Seed

½ tsp Dry Mustard

2 heaping tbsp. Coconut Oil Mayo

I literally danced with delight while processing radishes, red onion, carrots and apples with ease – simultaneously informing my husband that this item is now on my must-have list.

Let's Taco Bout Love Planner Cover


Market to Table
Many of you mistake Jenny and I as twins (or sisters). Trust us – you are not alone. We are constantly mistaken for one another. Even more of a coincidence? Our birthdays are super close! In celebration of our similar date-o'-births, we treated ourselves to a little girl’s night out.

We ventured to the new Market to Table restaurant in Downtown Winter Garden and enjoyed a few cocktails and several superb appetizers. Jenny and I have a tendency to go tapas in our selections, so rather than a plated meal we shared several enticing apps from the menu. The plates were all super thoughtful, well-made and beautiful. We felt like fools as we took pictures during our experience – but it all was worth capturing.


Tim Ferriss' interview with Bozoma Saint John
Tim’s name is frequently spoken in the kitlife offices – and this interview with Bozoma Saint John is definitely one for the books. Boz is the Chief Brand Officer at Uber and has a bold presence that will motivate and inspire you. She shares my love of red nail polish and has a powerful outlook on life.

“We spend far too much time complaining about the way things are and forget that we have the power to change anything and everything.”

– Bozoma Saint John

Rituals Guided Meditation
We first found Rituals through their body care products as a recommendation of Jess Lively. We now frequent their (free) app on our iPhones for a variety of guided meditation sessions. We’ve been good and hooked on guided meditation for the last couple of years and this is our current selection even over Headspace.

We hope you enjoyed hearing about a few of our favorites this month - would love to hear what items/experiences from January are leaving you feeling jazzed?

Oh yes - and don't forget to watch the replay of our live video!

Health & Happiness,