January Favorites

by Jessica Locke

Okay – hold on to your wallets #Kitgirls! January has a plethora of favorites – you can blame it all on Santa of course. But we had lots to love (and share) as a result of all the holiday gift giving.

Lets dive right in shall we!

A New Amazon Obsession

For about the last half of 2018 our team has been gaga over a clothing line we found on Amazon. Many of you are probably already aware that Amazon has jumped in the apparel game in a big way. About mid-summer we stumbled upon the line Daily Rituals and boy were we impressed. The styles are what you might call elevated basics, the price point is fair, and the quality is top notch. Seriously – this is stuff you’d expect to see at a pricey department store! And we can vouch for the fact that it washes and wears beautifully. Collectively – Team KIT might own like 10 pieces – don’t judge - :)!

iRoller Magic

The remainder of our items fall into a “household” category. First off is the iRoller. This little gadget is used to clean computer, ipad and phone screens. It works about 100 times better than all those little cloths and easily fits into your purse or desk. They made some great stocking stuffers too J

Insane for InstaPot

We jumped on the Insta Pot train in 2019 and that’s something we definitely recommend. Although we are still learning – it’s been a time saver already. Can you say FAST? Who has NOT forgotten to thaw meat? Well – with Insta Pot that problem is solved! It’s a costly favorite for sure but you’ll save in last minute take out charges – trust us!

Homemade PopCorn

Also from the kitchen - we’ve been enjoying popcorn as a healthy snack. And this brand is organic, non gmo and of course, gluten free. What it does have is great taste! Best part – you guessed it – you can make it in the Insta Pot. Score!!

Image result for anthony's organic popcorn

Micofiber Towels

Microfiber towels are nothing new – but they never seem to work? Either they aren’t absorbent or they just leave lint all over surfaces. But these are money!

Habit Tracking Pad

Not from the kitchen – but from our darling little Kitlife shop we have several super fun items coming; one of which we can showcase for you here. It’s our new Habit Tracker Pads. These are perf for tracking all those new behaviors and routines you’re incorporating into 2019. With a rotating color scheme and adorable little “I did it” boxes you can monitor 8 habits per week. You get 24 (two sided) sheets for $5.50 – money well spent in the endeavor to be you best :)

What were some of your favs from the last month? We’d love to share… and shop!