January Favorites

by Jessica Locke

Although we’ve heard tall tales of people who participate in a “No Spend January” - we chose to ignore that urban myth and carry on! We didn’t do too bad between the three of us – and Jenny and Liz both had birthdays this month so much of our list consists of well-loved gifts.

1. The first item on the list is another pair of leggings. Go figure, right! But at least we can claim this month’s pair are a bit “elevated” and suited more for coffee or cocktails instead of crunches and cat/cow pose.  Liz has been raving about this faux leather “crackle” pair from American Eagle. On sale now for $42.00 check ‘em out!

2. As a big fan of sunglasses (both high and low end) I was super pleased to locate a cute display holder for my peepers. I love to keep my mini-collection front and center. This way they get worn more often and they serve as a bit of decoration as well. I think its totally fine to display the things that bring you joy – even if they aren’t typically considered decorative items.

3. Still in the accessories category, Jenny got this great necklace from Amazon. Liz and I noticed it immediately as it looks very high quality. Super shiny and with a modern aesthetic. Check it out – you won’t believe the price!

4. Another accessory is this make-up organizer. Designed to be a travel case this bad boy could easily be your everyday makeup organizer as well. That’s how Liz is using it. Smartly designed with adjustable “cubbies” that are easily customizable to your essentials – and can be changed as your products change. It is on the larger size – so maybe not the best for a plane trip where your relegated to a small carry on. But definitely appropriate for a longer trip when you’re taking all your war-paints with you!

Picture by @jessicasoulia

5. Liz (and Mr. Liz ) are just wrapping up a second round of the Beachbody LIIFT program. She and her hubs are getting super buff! But – muscle gains come with a price and she needed a home massager to work out that DOMS. After much research she chose this one. She loves that fact that you can use it heated and/or bi-directionally.

6. Around the house we managed to round up a few faves as well. First up are these nice smoothie jars. These are a great size, came with a stainless steel straw and (bonus!) a straw cleaner! We got two and they’ve been in constant rotation at our house.

7. This phone stand is something I never knew I needed. I must confess I bought it mainly because it was so cute!!! But, I’m happy to report I use it all the time! Turns out it’s very convenient to have your phone upright and on “display” as you work during the day. And it does look nice so win-win for me. 

8. An avid cook Liz has been loving the convenience of the Whole Food Delivery service now available on Amazon. So handy for whatever “you forgot” when you did your weekend grocery shopping - a quick order gets you what you need for dinner within just 2 hours. Available via Amazon Prime she gives them extra points for on time deliveries, neat and tidy packaging and the ability to manage substitutions as necessary in real time.

9. Lastly – I ran across this shower mist on a recent trip to The Cloister resort at Sea Island. They had this is the spa showers and I was instantly hooked! It smells heavenly and really opens up your sinuses. Very invigorating and makes an otherwise ordinary shower seems very spa-like!

And there you have it! All the “must-haves” from our month. Do tell – was there anything here you’ve also been loving? Or anything awesome we missed? Give us a shout if something comes to mind!