January 2018 - Time to Get Things Done!

by Liz Allen

As it does every year, January 1st brings about an enormous amount of excitement, a sense of renewal and an anticipation of what good will come in the year ahead. For us planner girls, this important date also signifies the start of an “all-in" relationship with the planner (or planners) we've chosen.

A Little Sentimental..
It’s so easy to get a little sentimental towards the end of the year. Perhaps it’s a result of the Holiday season coming to an end… but it’s also this time of year where I reflect on what I’ve experienced in the past 365 days. Today, in keeping with this sentiment of reflection, I chose to go down memory lane and pulled out the last 5 years of my personal kitlife planners to see how far both I, and our pretty little planner, have come. (Speaking of our last 5 years, have you seen our throwback clip-covers honoring these beauts?) It’s amazing how much of our lives are documented in our life planners, isn’t it? 

And yes, proud moment when you realize social media updates aren’t the only thing capturing our lives ;)

The reflections that come with this time of year shouldn’t make us sad, in fact, we should harness it! Use that energy to figure out how we can further enjoy moments with our families. How can we find a little more contentment in each day that passes? What can we do more of that will make us feel like we’ve got it together?

Balance, of course, is always the answer.

Inspired by a Word of the Year

There has been a lot of social media activity revolving around the concept of a word of the year. I absolutely love this concept in addition (or as a replacement) to a New Year’s Resolution.

The word “BALANCE” is definitely a strong contender in 2018 for me!

I love grabbing ahold of the energy that a New Year brings. Though we could consider every day an opportunity to be our best selves, there is something magical about the New Year that really captivates us, isn’t there?

New Traditions for kitlife

2018 also means BIG changes for kitlife! New ideas, more events, new paths, more community and NEW traditions.

Over the years, we’ve tokened the phrase “life is more than a to-do list.” 
But, don’t mis-interpret, we LOVE to-do lists. It is our consideration that making to-do lists (and getting things done) leads us to having more time to do the things we enjoy most with the ones we love most. And so, for 2018, we really wanted to cultivate a very intentional set of “to-do” lists that would help women feel like they have their ‘ish together all year long.

We're excited to be releasing our 2018 Free Monthly Nesting Subscription. Each new month we'll deliver a sweet (and achievable) little list of our favorite household and personal tips, tricks and hacks. It's a surefire way to aid you in getting things done and feeling ahead of the game.

We just know you ladies are going to love it. 

Here's a sneak peek of two little to-dos from the January list:

Thank You Cards | Send thank you notes not just for presents, but for presence. Spending time with the ones you love during the holidays is something to be thankful for.

Stock up on Batteries | You've likely used up your supply with all the "batteries not included" packages that arrived this holiday season. Stock up now so you're prepared in the months to come.

Want more tips for January? Grab your FREE printable here: Free Printable Subscription | Monthly Nesting Tips & Tricks

New Years Cheers

Happy New Year to each and every one of you. May you hit those resolutions, accomplish your goals and be your very best.


Liz Allen

Team KIT