Hello Productivity!

by Jessica Locke

If you’re anything like us, you spend day in and day out in your planner. In years past, we found ourselves craving a way to keep what’s important front and center while we plan. And then a lightbulb! A pocketed dashboard would enhance our daily planning style by giving us #kitgirls a way to further customize each day – and keep up the momentum on our running to-do lists.

dash-1.jpg#KitGirls you’ll be happy to know that this year we have a new and improved Dashboard for all of our 2017 Planners. As many of you know, our dashboard concept was introduced last year for 2016 and it was met with great fanfare. Like us, you loved the idea of having a moveable bookmark that traveled throughout your KIT day to day – marking your page and also providing a valuable and handy spot to store lists, receipts, stickers, etc.

In fact we designed the dashboard to do just that – to serve as a storage keeper as well as a place keeper. And since the dashboard has two pockets (one on each side) we designed a variety of unique “dashes” that fit perfectly into the two slit pockets and into the needs of your daily life. Keeping with our core values a to-do dash was the first design followed by a goal setter dash and then a meal preppers dash. All of these handy mini-pages fit into the dashboard and are meant to supplement your KIT. Whatever you put in your dashboard moves with you day to day and stays front and center in your view.

While this new and unique product was included FREE with all KIT Planners we still felt that the manufacturing quality was not up to our standards. #KitGirls are special after all! So, we did a ton of research and located a better production facility to ensure the 2017 Dashboard would be beautiful, functional and durable! And we might add – still FREE – because who loves ya baby!?!?!? Team KIT does – that’s who!

So tell us - what do you put into your KIT Dashboard? We like to put a goal dash on one side and a meal prepper or an assortment of stickers, stamps business cards on the other.

And …..are there any longtime #KitGirls out there who remember the #KitMark? Ladies if you’ve got one snap a pic and tag us – we’ll send you a little freebie!

Health & Happiness,

Team KIT