Health Benefits of our Fav Teas!

Why is it that often in movies, when someone is upset or a problem has occurred, the opposing character always suggests they make a cup of tea? Have you ever noticed how this is a cure-all band-aide for a variety of situations?

It seems that tea can fix anything – and perhaps it’s true! There are SO many benefits to drinking tea. And while we love our coffee, a cup of warm tea can be especially comforting. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

1. GREEN TEA For clear skin, go green! Green tea originated in China and is made from withered camellia sinensis leaves. This variety can help reduce inflammation and contains antioxidants, which help fight those pesky pimples and promote healthy skin. These antioxidants are also thought to interfere with the growth of bladder, breast, lung, stomach, pancreatic, and colorectal cancers according to Other positives are its potential to burn fat, prevent clogged arteries and help you destress.

2. GINGER TEA This tea can combat nausea and headaches. It’s also known to assist with digestion and is routinely used to decrease inflammation. And let’s not forget, ginger tea with honey is a GREAT way to relieve menstrual cramps! This variety of tea has been used for centuries in Asia and the Middle East.

3. PEPPERMINT TEA Speaking of “Periods” - If you’re feeling bloated, turn to peppermint tea. This tea contains menthol oil which can alleviate spasms in muscle tissues. It relaxes your muscles and releases any gas. Not only can peppermint tea relieve bloating, but it can strengthen your immune system with its antibacterial properties. It also acts as an antispasmodic to offer relieve from respiratory issues.

4. CHAMOMILE TEA To help you sleep better, sip on some chamomile tea. This flavor of tea increases the amount of glycine in your system, which is a chemical that relaxes your body and encourages sleep. German chamomile is the most popular type and can be used directly on the skin to decrease swelling and combat bacteria. Studies done by students at the University of Toyama in Japan have concluded that drinking chamomile tea can even decrease complications from diabetes.

5. BASIL TEA This onecan help tackle stress and anxiety and is completely caffeine-free. Basil acts as an adaptogen, which increases your natural response to stress. Although it will not change the fact that you’re stressed, it will help your body perform properly under pressure. Studies also show that basil decreases stress hormone levels.

Not only is plain tea great for you, but adding some extra healthy ingredients can up the ante as well. Here are some recipes that add a little extra oomph to your “average” cup of tea.

You’ve probably heard a lot about slimming detox tea. We’ve always been a bit skeptical but figured it might be worth a try. The recipe we recently sampled contained 1 cup of green tea, a cinnamon stick, raw honey, lemon juice and cayenne pepper. Although the taste was very BOLD (because of the cayenne pepper), we felt energized after! We haven’t felt any slimmer yet – but ya never know!

Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory and thus its also perfect for a Detox Tea. This spicy sipper is a great way to cleanse your system and leave you feeling refreshed. Add ¼ tsp turmeric, black pepper, ¼ tsp ginger powder, and 1 tbsp. honey to hot water and ta-da! Instant detox tea.

Now you might be thinking - it’s summertime and far too hot to drink tea! And that could very well be true. Bur never fear, studies done by Prevention Magazine report that home brewed (not store bought) iced tea has just as many antioxidants as hot tea.

Here’s a delicious recipe for iced Hibiscus Tea from Martha Stewart:


1 tablespoon thinly sliced, peeled fresh ginger

3/4 cup sugar

4 hibiscus tea bags

2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

How to make:

Put 4 cups water, ginger, and sugar into a medium saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, stirring until sugar has dissolved. Remove from heat; add 4 hibiscus tea bags. Cover, and let steep 15 minutes.

Pour through a fine sieve into a bowl set in an ice-water bath. Let cool. Stir in 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice. Serve over crushed ice, and garnish with lemon wedges.

Another summer inspired iced tea from Cheryl Slocum

Chamomile/Strawberry/Orange refresher:

Serves 8 (serving size: 1 1/2 cups)

Fruit adds sweetness to this refreshing drink. If you wish, substitute raspberries for the strawberries, or drop in a sprig of lemon verbena to boost the aromatic citrus.


8 chamomile tea bags

12 cups filtered water, at room temperature

2 small juice oranges (thin-skinned), peeled, cut into slices, and seeded

24 large strawberries, halved

4 teaspoons honey

4 teaspoons hot water

How to Make It:

Place 1 tea bag and 1 1/2 cups water in each of 8 pint-size canning jars with lids. Place 2 orange slices and 6 

strawberry halves in each jar. Cover with lids; refrigerate 12 to 24 hours.

Remove tea bags from jars. Combine honey and 4 teaspoons hot water. Divide honey mixture evenly among 

jars (about 1 scant teaspoon in each).

And lastly – here’s a warm weather version of another anti-inflammatory winner:

Turmeric Ginger Iced Tea: All you need is 2 cups of water, 1 tsp freshly grated turmeric root, 1 tsp freshly 

grated ginger root, ½ tsp ground cinnamon, and ½ tbsp. honey. Simply add the ingredients into a saucepanand simmer over medium heat. Strain and serve over ice with a slice of lemon for a healthy iced tea with a kick!

And what about our favorite “Tea Tools”? Check out the tea infuser we love and have used for years! This little gadget is so convenient! It makes great tea, with no mess and easy clean up. You can get it at for less than 20.00 bucks. It lasts for years AND makes a great gift when paired with a nice tea mug and a sampling of your favorite blends.

And if numbers are your jam – below is a simple infographic pulled from the “web” that illustrates the caffeine content in the most commonly used teas.

Alright #kitgirls, it’s time for you all to “talk tea”! What’s your favorite tea and why do you love it? Take some pictures of your tea time and share with us on Instagram!

“Where there’s tea, there’s hope” –Sir Arthur Pinero

Health & Happiness,

Team KIT