Happy "New" Year | Our Mid-Year Lineup

by Jessica Locke

Cue the confetti

It sort of feels like the beginning again doesn’t it? No matter where you are in the world, one thing is for sure, 2020 has gotten WAY off course – and it doesn’t look as though we’ll ever go back to what we used to call “normal."

That’s why this year we are more excited THAN EVER to launch our Mid-Year Planners. We believe a “hard reset” is what we all need to recalibrate what our lives look like NOW and how we can thrive in the days and months ahead. And rest assured – we will THRIVE.

Team Kit has been working diligently throughout the pandemic to provide valuable content, needed inspiration and a positive sprit – things we need for ourselves (as well as our beloved community). We’ve poured that same effort into the development of our Mid-Year Planners. We’re so very happy with the outcomes and are thrilled we can FINALLY share them with you.

For 2020-2021 we’ve got a stellar lineup of three distinct planner options. And with two carefully designed cover choices you’ll have a total of 6 varieties to pick from.

Be forewarned – it won’t be an easy choice!

Answer me this... 

We‘ve offered a few questions below that might help you make your decision.
We won’t be mad if you choose two...

1) Do You....

Prefer to see your week at a glance?

Focus mainly on appts and tasks?

Feel overwhelmed with too much open space?

Love a horizontal layout?

Prefer a bit smaller size?

Do you use more than one planner at a time?

...If yes to any – maybe a Weekly is best for you?

2) Do You....

Love lots of room to write?

Crave daily inspiration and intention?

Utilize space for gratitude and wellness regularly?

Prioritize your top daily tasks?

Keep your planners forever?

...If yes to any – a Daily might be your jam.

3) Do You....

Sometimes start and stop your planning efforts

Love the ability to have a full page for all 7 days?

Enjoy decorating and theming your own page layouts?

Not plan every day – but only on days you need it?

...If yes – Undated is the way to go!

So, was that helpful?

Have you narrowed it down to the Keeping it Together Planner that’s best suited for you? 

Snag one of these images to share on your Instagram Stories for your chance to win the planner you're dreamin' of. Be sure to tag @kitlifeplanners so we can spot your story.

For those of you who currently have a 2020 KITLIFE Planner, we created this visual to help showcase the differences between the 2020 lineup and  the 2020-2021 MidYear Lineup.