Getting your Life Planner Ready for 2018!

by Team KIT

2018 is right around the corner which means it is time to break out your new 2018 Kitlife planner and prep it for the new year. Here are some smart suggestions for ways you can set yourself and your planner up for success.

1. Log all birthdays from your old planner onto the Occasions to Celebrate page (in the front of your planner).

2. Prepare your quarterly check in page for 1st quarter 2018. Set aside some time for this one - this is a really important activity not to be rushed. 

3. Use the first lined page to do a “grateful dump.”

4. Go through each monthly tab and log all important dates (school closings, vacations, appointments, etc.)

5. Read over January content page to get inspired for what’s ahead in the coming month.

6. Go though your pens, pencils, and highlighters (we know you probably have as many as we do) and purge the old yucky ones. Start the new year with those planner supplies looking pretty and inviting!

7. Go through your January daily or weekly pages and mark off times for any scheduled appointments.

8. Did you add the budget add-in to your planner? Now is the time to set your January budget.

9. Gather all of your kitlife 
planner stickers (and any other stickers) you love using in one place - sort by holiday or category. Go ahead and decorate January if that’s your thing!

10. Where are you going to sit and plan in the morning/evening? Make that space special and inviting. Add some candles, essential oils, decorations, and a warm throw.

11. Prep your planner dashboard. Are you going to keep a sheet from one of our pads in there? Are you going to decorate it?

12. Are you carrying your planner with you throughout the day? Find one of the cute totes you haven’t used in a while or treat yourself to a new one. (Make sure to keep some pens, pencils, highlighters, and stickers in there!)

13. Not used to planning daily? Make alarms or appointments in your phone to remind you to check your planner and spend some time with it.

14. Does your schedule change frequently? Don’t be afraid to use pencil or white-out in your planner. Or maybe you use post-its until the event is set in stone (or over).

15. Write your contact information somewhere in the front of your planner in case it should ever get lost!

16. Did you order multiple clip covers? Decide which one you want to start the year with. 
Be sure to select one that gets you excited to slay 2018! 

17. Make one of the Doodle Break pages for your favorite quotes and mantras. Write in your favorite now.

18. And finally, make your 2018 planner your own. There is no right or wrong way to use your planner!

In fact - we happen to know that MANY of you #kitgirls are HIGHLY CREATIVE! We'd love for you to share some of the ways you set your KIT up to be "extra"!  #Kitspiration at its finest - show it off here and in our community on Facebook. 

Cheers to a New Year Filled with abundance!