Getting Started in your 2020 KIT Luxe Planner

by Liz Allen

Somehow New Year’s Day always arrives in a bit of a hurry – but this one – the dawn of a NEW DECADE - seems to be heading toward us at lightning speed. As always, we’re happy to greet the New Year with a fresh slate, a big smile and – of course – a new planner.

Hopefully you’ve already got your 2020 Planner in hand. It’s about time we dive in! The KITLIFE planner is no ordinary planner; our Luxe planning system is designed to help you focus on so much more than just your to-do list. We’re so excited for you to see the impact a KITLIFE Planner can have on your life in the year ahead.

Get Settled In

As you prepare to dive into your newest planner – take some time to consider what your planning system may be. A planner is most beneficial to us when we put it to use – so start off on the right foot and plan to plan.

Choose a space in your house/office that may be ideal for pre-planning each week or each day. Then, choose your tools! A new planner deserves some new planner accessories, now is a great time to stock up on your favorite pens, pencils, highlighters and stickers.

Start Basic | Get Important Dates Down

Take a few moments to fill the dates in your planner. Using an occasions to celebrate card is a great way to start. Add birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates so you have a good big picture for the year ahead. Scribble in all the dates in your Monthly Spreads and once you’ve made your way through all 12 months, go back in and add those important dates to the actual day.

“I used to be so bad at remembering birthdays. I pretty much only ever shopped for belated birthday cards. Now, I love getting all my friends and families birthdays into my planner right away so that I can stay ahead. I even put ticklers 2 weeks in advance so that I can be reminded to shop in advance. It’s been a game-changer!”

Any big travel? Be sure to get those dates in – and don’t forget the reminders. Anticipating travel can be almost as rewarding as the travel itself. And, if it’s one of those trips you’re hoping to feel your best for, those far-in-advance reminders may encourage an extra trip to the gym and/or a step up in your meal-planning efforts. A little extra effort now will allow those travel indulgences to feel even more rewarding.

Check-In With Yourself | Quarterly Check-In

OUT with the New Year’s Resolutions and IN with the Quarterly Check-in. If you ask us, once a year is not enough to set goals. We combine quarterly goal setting with self-reflection in a unique personal development focused worksheet. Quarterly Check-Ins come before January, April, July and October.

In each Quarterly Check-In you’ll find:

  • A personal development topic focused worksheet (topics change each new quarter)
  • A reflection on successes from the last quarter as well as proudest accomplishments
  • A personal inventory to review current weight, sleep, health, activity levels and body image
  • A self-study to focus inward on how we’re treating ourselves
  • Goal setting with our unique and thoughtful method that encourages tying new habits to drive the goal towards completion

Check out a full Quarterly Check-In walkthrough on the blog here.

Book your Annual Appointments

Whether it’s a visit with your primary care doctor, cleanings at the dentist or a preventative maintenance appointment with your AC company – now is a great time to get things booked and into your planner. Remember to set reminders so that those appointments don’t surprise you when the day arrives.

How do you like to get started in YOUR new planner?
We’d love to hear your tips and tricks. And if you want to journey back to January of 2019 – take a look at our recommends for picking a word of the year or even creating a vision board here.