Get Ready For A Happy Holiday Season and End 2017 on a Productive Note

Can you believe it's mid September already? 2018 is right around the corner. While the official start of Fall comes later this month, the day after Labor Day always feels like the unofficial start to Fall. The weather is getting cooler, days are getting shorter, and the kids are going back to school.

Your business and/or personal goals may have fallen to the wayside this summer with vacations, kids out of school, days at the pool, and wanting to soak up as much sunshine as possible. Now is the perfect time to reset and recalibrate for the remainder of the year. Planning is the best way to finish off 2017 strong and have a sense of accomplishment! One of my favorite planning quotes:

“Every minute you spend planning saves 10 min. in execution; giving you a 1,000% Return on Energy!” - Brian Tracy  Tweet That!


Pull out your planner - some of you may even have to find it. That’s okay. We all have days/weeks/monthds where we might neglect our planner. Dust it off, buy it some new pens and let’s get started. Some tips foer the remainder of the year:

  • Did you set goals/resolutions for 2017? Take a minute to find them and review them. Celebrate the ones you have accomplished. For the remainder, decide if it is realistic to leave them for 4th quarter or should they be moved to 2018 (or possibly removed all together). It is absolutely okay for your business and personal goals to change during the year.
  • Resolutions don’t have to start on January 1. Now is a great time to set some goals for the remainder of the year. Grab your planner and make a list of business and personal goals for the remainder of 2017. Be realistic about what you can accomplish because . . .
  • Fourth quarter is full of holidays and many of you probably have vacations planned. Make sure you have those clearly marked in your planner on both the monthly and daily pages. While you will probably have business goals to accomplish, you will also want to make time for your family and friends.
  • Know you will have holiday parties to attend, but don’t know the dates? Turn to a notes page and start making a list. This will help you keep them top of mind and know they are coming. Once you have the date(s)? Mark them in your calendar.
  • Have children? Go ahead and mark the days they will be out of school for the holidays in your planner.


Making planning a habit:

  • Set aside a few minutes every morning to review the day’s appointments and tasks you need to get done. Find a nice quiet place in your house or office and grab your favorite drink. Each morning list out those Big 3 tasks that you need to accomplish that day. What will push your business forward or what personal items must be done?
  • Keep your planner with you at all times to refer to and to make notes in.
  • Before bed, grab your planner and review the day. Brain dump everything you are thinking you want to get done or must get done. Review your Big 3 for the day. Review the goals you set for fourth quarter. Are the tasks you are making time for going to help you accomplish them?

“The key is not to prioritize your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” - Stephen Covey


Don’t have a planner or wanting to try something new? Did you know Kitlife offers A5 inserts in dated and undated versions? They are available NOW and are perfect if you are wanting to try something new. Then you could move into a 2018 KIT Daily planner for 2018 - since the page layouts are the same. The inserts might give you a taste of #kitlife planning methods and set you up for success in 2018 when you move into your coiled daily life planner with new Clip Covers!

We would love to hear some of YOUR 4th quarter 2017 goals below!  Or - share with us ways you maintain momentum these last few months. We've got a little freebie in mind for someone who shares a good tip with the #kitgirls community.