Finishing 2018 Strong

by Team KIT

The last quarter of 2018 is here. And - you know what that means.

Motivation is out the window...

If this sounds like you - you're NOT alone. The end of the year has added chaos and more distractions than ever.

But - it's YOUR time to shine, baby.

We know how easy it is to take your foot off the gas during the last quarter of the year. It's so much easier to just say "2019 is right around the corner" and put off working towards our goals. This is why we have been working on tools to help us all finish the year stronger than ever. 

So - warning - we're about to give you the extra "oomph" you need to rock the end of the year and get closer to your goals (or slay them!). We can see it now... you walkin' into 2019 with a feather in your cap and an extra pep in your step.

Our *NEW* FINISH STRONG course has been designed to help you keep up with your goals and habits as the year comes to a close. It's also going to help you turn holiday distractions into dust. 

Wrapping up the year in a positive way can help you to feel more accomplished and will truly give you that fresh start when the new year gets here.


  • Length: 29:07 Minutes
  • Personal Tips
  • Professional Tips
  • The important of reflection and gratitude

Included Printables

  • Finish Strong

You've got it in you to finish strong - our team designed the Finish Strong course simply to give you the tools you need to get there.