February - Plan with Me

by Liz Allen

I'm going to start by saying that I'm more in love with my keeping it together kitlife weekly planner than I ever thought possible. Yes, my daily planner is my tried and true life companion, but my weekly planner has opened up an entirely new world of creativity for me. For the last several years, I've scrolled through hundreds and hundreds of beautiful planner spreads on social media - and I just never quite "got it."

But now, I get it.

We added a weekly to our shop - and I'm a changed woman! I see my sticker stash start to dwindle and I literally get nervous - "What will I decorate with next week!?" I can see how this is going to become a real problem...

All joking aside, my newly found weekly planning creativity has really helped me enjoy the transition from being a 1 planner girl, to a 2. It is also the type of planning that I can do with a little less focus and concentration - which makes it ideal to do with my littles running around. (It's hard for me to find activities where this is possible - so I consider this a win!). 

Now, February has been a little bit difficult to put into plans. As the month was beginning, my husband and I were just returning from our Anniversary Trip - and we brought an unwelcommed guest back. The flu. First it hit him, then me, and then my youngest (just in time for her birthday weekend). As we all know, nothing ever goes according to plan when sickness hits a house, but I've been doing my best. I also left for a business trip to Texas the weekend of my birthday - which lasted a bit longer than expected and we literally celebrated Valentine's Day (or Allen-Tines day as we've proclaimed it) yesterday - - - the 21st of February people...

But this is LIFE! And it's these times in life (the busy, chaotic times) where planning can really serve us.

So let's start by talking about my Weekly Wonder.

Week 1 of February was my birthday week. I'm OBSESSED with the way this spread turned out. The pink background for February paired so perfectly with this vintage garnet and pink theme. 

Stickers by: The Planner SocietyPanda Bird Design, Cricket Paper Co and some randoms from Michaels.


Week 2 of February was a week I was out of town, but my hubby and kiddos were at home. Though my intent with this spread was to provide assistance to my hubby in single-handing parenthood for the week - I swear to you it probably went completely un-used. But, we'll pretend it didn't - because making it made me feel like I was doing a good deed.

Stickers by: Libbie & Co and some randoms from Michaels.


Week 3 of February has been a little bit of a hectic week. It's kind of like a "return back to Earth" kind of a week - and so I have to be real and tell you that I did quite a bit of back-planning. But, belated as it were - sitting down with pencil and paper still makes me feel more under control even when 3 days of the weekly spread have already flown by. This week I just wanted to feel happy - and so it's punch, bold and PINK, PINK, PINK. Can't help but love a little (or a lot) of washi to really add some Va-va-voom to a weekly spread.

Stickers by: The Planner SocietyHoney B Shop and some randoms from Michaels.


OK - so now.... Talk Daily to me.

You know what's always a sure sign of chaos? Less use in my daily planner. If you see less-than-full pages in my daily - it usually means I'm not running my life - rather - my life is running me. But, then a few days later you'll see a jammed pack day which means I'm getting my 'ish back together!

So - with my frantic February as it is - let's have some #realtalk about Daily Planning. Daily Planners don't always have to be pretty, they can be down and dirty to help us do all of the things. And generally, my daily planner is JUST that. My right hand, my daily aid, my brain dump, my to-do list and my daily reminder to focus on gratitude and my overall wellness. All of this said, I sure do LOVE the opportunity to decorate my days, but if I don't decorate in ADVANCE - it just DOESN'T happen.

Except when it's my birthday...

Stickers by: Oh Hey Sticker Co, Krissyanne DesignsHoney B Shop.

But now that I'm back in the big swing of things, I'm setting up my week for PERFECTION next week - and I love the way the orange and pink flow together. 

Stickers by: Design Pandemonium, Oh Hey Sticker Co and some randoms from event swag bags.


When it comes to my daily planning, generally I use my free writing space for my to-dos, list making and general planning.

The Big 3 are 3 items I select from my to-do list that are the "must-get-done" or "first priorities" for the day.

I always try to capture something into the Wellness section - anything I've done for my health that day.

And my gratitude? Absolutely anything that I felt grateful or thankful for in my day.

Lastly, my schedule I use to keep myself on task for appointments - some days get used more than others. I love this space for days where I need to plow through a lot of work, I'll literally schedule my day with tasks so I know at what time I should be focusing on which project.

If you haven't already, share with us your #kitspiration for February!