February Favorites

February is usually one of my very favorite months of the year. It's not too hot, not too cold. A lot of family members have birthdays in the month (including me) so there is plenty-o-celebration. And I sure do love Valentine's Day decor - so there's that, too. As per usual, this February contained a ton of memorable moments - BUT - there was also plenty of chaos as well. Some of that chaos was proudly provided by the flu. That flu took 75% of my household out of commission for about 2 weeks time....OUI VEY!

But, even chaotic months allow us to put good things to use, find new foods we love and experience things we enjoy - and so I'm excited to share with your our February Favs.


My Healthy Dish

If you don't already follow My Nguyen over at MY HEALTHY DISH - you're missing out. She is the sweetest thing, has got the trendiest pre-teen twins and creates the most amazing recipes. I have to admit, we also #fangirl over My a little extra because she is a #kitgirl (in fact she just wrote a blog about how the kitlife planner changed her life). But trust me when I say her recipes will knock your socks off.

I was so pleased when the My Healthy Dish Cookbook was delivered from Amazon - every recipe is a must try!

Design Pandemonium Stickers

Not all planners use stickers - in fact - I was one of those girls for years. I know, I know - GASP! 

But the longer you plan, the more planner spreads you look at on Social Media - the more you realize that a little sticker-ing goes a long way. We did a collaboration with the design gurus over at Design Pandemonium - and they created stickers for the kitlife daily planner - they turned out SO gorgeous. Even better? They are easily removable (perfectionist win!) and super great quality. We also did our very first #KITGIRL SPOTLIGHT with them and it was such a blast!

Desktop Trashcans

So there's something you all should know. We are tidy gals over here at kitlife - but when it comes to planners, planner accessories and packaging - it's easy for things to get disheveled. We found these adorable desktop trashcans on Amazon and it's been a sweet and simple game changer for counter cleanliness.


Shea Mountain Detangler

My husband would kill me if I told you, but I've recently turned him into a soap snob. No longer are the days of Lever 2000, he now buys bar soaps by brands like Shea Mountain and Dr. Bronners (which I equally love!). It's a small change, but it really does make a difference to us! That being said, I've been struggling with tangles since I started lightening my hair. And no, the Wet Brush just isn't enough for these monster tangles I'm talking about.

So, when I finally decided to pick up a detangler (which by the way - only seem to be made for children) the one by Shea Mountain caught my eye. I am so obsessed with how this stuff works, how it smells and how it leaves the texture of my hair. For the first time since I lightened my hair late last year - I'm able to let my hair air dry! 

Comedians in Cars Drinking Coffee

Anything Ellen suggests we're game for - so when Jerry Seinfeld was on talking about his new show - we couldn't resist. And it is amazing. No kiddos in the room for this one, but we promise you'll get in a good belly laugh. 


Some Fav Seasonings

Pickles, Please
I would be willing to try almost anything in a pickle flavor - and this Pickle Crunch Shaker bottle is the perfect topper for salads, burgers and...spoons? That lovely crisp taste of dill kicks everything up a notch, so super happy to have stumbled across this guy.

Farmer's Market Delight 
We love to frequent the Farmer's Market downtown, and recently stumbled across the makers of Easy Peasie Veggie Blends.  This all natural "seasoning" allows to add some veggie-packed-goodness onto the plates of even the pickiest kids. What a fun idea!

Holy Kombucha

I'm a big fan of kombucha for the taste and the billion benefits. When I recently ate at an adorable organic restaurant in Downtown Dallas, I was thrilled to see they had kombucha on tap. I ordered a glass of "Cleanse" and enjoyed every sip - so much so that I shared my enthusiasm with our waitress! She said the kombucha was by a company called Holy Kombucha - and it was sold in several stores nearby.

From then on, I was on the hunt to drink this kombucha whenever we were out and about.
Unfortunately it's not yet sold in Orlando - but fingers crossed (hint, hint Holy Kombucha makers!) they find their way here soon.


The busy months may just be the hardest months to pick favorite experiences from. There are so many to chose from. I enjoyed a big family birthday celebration, Jenny was excited to visit with her sweet baby niece and Jess (perhaps reluctantly) learned how to scuba dive.

Boy oh boy - we've had a lot of things going on. 

But, the most exciting experience this month? The exciting pressure of finalizing products before our trip to PlannerCon in San Francisco. We thought it'd be SUPER FUN to bring a few NEW items to join in on the San Fran fun.

Now, this is the kind of stress every entrepreneur dreams of...

We've been working on new Notebooks, the new Bujo Book, some Planner Tote Bags and Button Flair.  Oh my!


It's been a while since this issue of Time was released, but it is a GOOD one. We talk (and believe) in the important of meditation, practicing mindfulness and The Mindful Revolution was on point. 

We hope you enjoyed hearing about a few of our favorites this month - would love to hear what items/experiences from February have your fancy?

Health & Happiness,

Liz Allen