February Favorites

by Jessica Locke

March arrived a bit quicker than we were expecting but nonetheless, that doesn’t mean we can’t take a quick peek back into February for a recap of some of the things we were in LOVE with last month.

We’ll make this short and sweet – so you can get on with the arrival of Spring!

1.A couple of unexpected sick days recently had me uncharacteristically home on the couch during the workday. I found a couple of new to me shows that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The first one is the “Shine On” docu-series by Reese Witherspoon. It’s described as a talk show straight from the heart, where Reese visits with groundbreaking women to discuss their inspiring journeys. The initial episode that caught my attention was with the amazing Dolly Parton. If you like Reese Witherspoon I think you would really enjoy this!

The next recommendation is also from Netflix. "Next in Fashion" with Alexa Chung and Tad France is a fresh spin on the Project Runway type reality shows. I absolutely love both Tan France and Alexa Chung! And what I really loved about the show was that it was all about the competition and the craft – and not so much about cultivated and curated drama. The producers didn’t try to showcase about of immature behavior, bad language and bad behavior and I appreciated that.

2.Jenn Reed from The Sister Studio introduced us to a great cleanser. While this might be a bit strong for sensitive skin – if you’re struggling with breakouts (ahem, me!) it’s great! I love the slightly granular texture, the subtle botanical scent and the price. Be forewarned – if you follow Jenn – you’re wallet is likely to take a hit! But – her recommendations are generally spot on! Like Katy Roach from Livingmybeststyle - she gets us in the best possible kinda trouble! 

3. News Flash!!!! Press-on nails are back – and they have come a LONG way, ladies! Have you guys tried some of these new brands? I’ve found (and fallen in love with) Static Nails. Despite costing $18 a set – they last dare I say almost too long. I took my last set off myself after a full two weeks and they were still holding on strong. My daughter has been three full weeks with no “pop offs” at all! So, ultimately they are cheap compared to a salon manicure.

4. We’ve been on a smoothie kick at work this year. Jenny and Liz, in particular, have been on point with their nutrition! For $20.00 we got this little blender from Amazon. It’s made by Oster, comes with a “blend and go” travel bottle, and is offered in several fun colors. Aside from the convenience of being able to make quick smoothies at work, they say it works well, doesn’t take up much room and was very inexpensive compared to pricier models. They were using it so much we even got an extra blender bottle so we could take one home to wash it and never be without!

A little extra tip, keeping mason jars to hold just the right amount supplements like collagen, turmeric and protein powder is a great way to "get it all in."

5. Revlon Colorstay Crème Eye Shadow. This is a new fav in Jenny’s world! We’re big fans of a neutral hue and flattering color - a great “one and done” option that gets us out the door faster! Jenny says she likes the fact that there is no “fall-out” with a crème shadow and this one stays on all day!

There you have it! Please let us know if you found anything new to love on this list! And share any of your favs as well - we’re all ears – and eyes!