February 2018 - Get Ready for Valentine's Day

by Liz Allen

I’ve always had this theory that it’s really day 2 at a new job that you give your first impression. Those day 1 niceties are behind you, now, it’s time to get down to business. The same could be true about February. January has come and gone – February is here and we’ve got work to do. 2018 is going to be a great year if we let it, right?

We’ve taken this month dedicated to love and self-care, and intentionally assembled a sweet little list of to-dos that will make you feel like you’ve got it goin’ on!

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Get your Valentine’s Ready
In many years past, I’ve waited far too long to order Valentine’s cards for my daughter’s class – and then of course we’ll wind up at Target last minute with a set of Valentines in hand that have characters we hardly recognize on them. Now, there’s nothing WRONG with this – but I sure do love the opportunity to get creative with my daughter and turn that classroom exchange into an opportunity for some fun.

The same applies to Valentine’s Day cards for our beaus and besties – waiting until the last minute may mean you wont have the chance to find the perfect card. So, get those Valentine’s now - and spend some time preparing – the receiver will be able to tell the difference.

Valentine's Day Card

Declutter before Dress-Up
Have a hot date next Wednesday? I bet you’ve got the perfect necklace and pair of shoes to make that new dress you snagged a total knock-out. But can you find them? It’s time to declutter and clean through your jewelry and shoes. Taking just a few minutes to sort through and organize these items will remind you of what you have. It’s funny how we tend to forget what we own when things get a little disheveled.

Organize your Shoes

Cozy up with Cupid

No matter how you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year – it’s so fun to glorify the occasion. Target’s Dollar Spot catches mine, and my daughter’s, attention every time we walk in. There’s certainly something for everyone in that colorful corral of goodies. So snag some heart shaped pillows, perhaps a banner or two – and yes, a themed Valentine’s Day wine glass will do the trick.
Valentine's Day Wine

More To-Dos to Tackle

We hope you loved this little preview into February’s intentional to-do list. We can’t wait for you to have the full list in your hands so you can make this month count!

What makes YOU feel accomplished in February?

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