Exercise Habits

by Jessica Locke

We all know them - that gal or guy who seems to have it all "together." High paying job they love, a beautiful family they to spend time with, a great social network, a healthy body at an ideal weight and a pleasant - if not downright - happy relationship to exercise! How is that all possible? It seems like a real-life mystery how some people can just have all their "ish" together?

Today we are going to share with you some of the crucial secrets these highly successful people have figured out - and just might be hiding from the rest of us! :-) You see, they've discovered that regular exercise enhances ALL other aspects of your life. Its results and positive attributes permeate far beyond the physical. So, they make routine movement an integral, non-negotiable part of life. Now, if this DOES NOT describe your relationship to fitness, never fear... we feel you! That's why today we are focusing on fitness and the habits vital for a healthy relationship with "working out."

Know What is Important to Your Long-Term Health

Although, short term goals, like running a 5K, are fun and can be very motivational, successful exercisers know that fitness is a lifestyle choice not a New Year's Resolution!

Don't Focus on Weight Loss

Because they understand that a healthy body and functional fitness are the end game they don't obsess about 5 pounds or a few body fat percentage points. No one ever said on their death bed - "I just wish I had lost that those 5 pounds" - and successful folks understand this!

Be Consistent

As with anything important, consistency is key. It's not what you do today that matters - it's what you do every day that really determines who you are. Just like with dieting (word we dislike) - you don't want a lot of peaks and valleys - you are striving for consistency.

Rest and Recovery are Crucial

In yoga, it is often said that you learn the most about yourself and your practice when you learn to deal with an injury. This is because an injury forces you to slow down, reconnect with your practice and listen to your body. Successful people know that rest and recovery are paramount. They don't push their bodies towards injury. They understand the difference between discomfort and pain. Challenge and discomfort are fitness friends, pain and agony are not.

Enlist Help to Stay Motivated

Whether it be new LuluLemon "WonderUnders," the latest Nikes, an accountability partner, personal trainer (we know several great ones and can suggest Gina, The Fitnessista for a great place to start.), great tunes, snazzy wristbands or all of the above; if the occasional treat keeps you excited for that next workout shesh - budget for it!

c871f1dee0a16c7db89f11e915214ab1Check out these boards on Pinterest if you're in need of some retail inspiration: Fitness Essentials

Minimize Decision Fatigue

Successful guys and gals have a lot on their plate. They juggle a variety of tasks generally at work and in their personal life. They get a great deal done by making things easy on themselves when and where they can. They are adept at setting up systems and hacks that streamline their lives. And they know that even sharp minds get tired - so they work to minimize decision fatigue. They do this by setting out their clothes the night before, planning work outs in advance and prepping healthy foods. Superstars don't walk into work without a plan and they don't walk in the gym without one either.

Know What Time is Best for You

Trial and error tells us when our bodies and minds are best suited for physical activity. High achievers have determined what time is best for them and utilize it to their advantage.

Change It Up

Change is something all successful people deal with - it's crucial to staying on top of (or preferably ahead of) the game. Fitness is no different! Too much of the same thing gets stale and the body is super-smart at recognizing this. Frequently adding variety to your fitness will keep the body on its toes and prevent boredom in your mind. This is one time where it might be good to always try the latest trend.

Prioritize Health

High achievers also realize the importance of overall health and don't take theirs for granted. In addition to regular movement, they stay on top of other health issues as well. They get to the dentist, have regular check-ups, schedule mammograms when needed and generally care for their bodies - and minds. We need "maintenance" just like a car.

Little Movements Add Up

Bosses know that the little things you do in life can really add up. So, their eyes are always open to small ways to boost activity. Whether it is standing for 30 minutes while you're on the computer, taking little walk breaks throughout the day or opting out of the elevator and taking the stairs - it all adds up! Like Phil Dunphy said in Modern Family, "I take the stairs two at a time - I don't even notice anymore!" Full disclosure, right after he says this he falls down the stairs and later that day loses a "race" with his wife Clare. But... you get our point!

Shift Your Mindset

Standouts find activities they enjoy and have a passion for. Everyone has some form of activity enjoyable to them and 


the most successful people we know make this activity. If you simply dread swimming, DON'T plan to swim 3 days/week. If you don't know what you like, think back to when you were young - what did you do for fun? Generally you can associate something there with physical activity - dancing (try Zumba), riding your bike (Soul Cycle) , 

gymnastics (Pilates or yoga), Team sports (Crossfit), etc.

There you have it! All the secrets you need to know in order to succeed. Okay, so maybe not ALL but definitely a great start!

And one last thing.....we dislike the term "WORKing out" - who was the first person to coined the term WORK-out? Let's hunt them down, shall we? Maybe if we had a more desirable term, like "feeling great" or "mood boosting" we wouldn't have been trained for decades to view physical activity as something so dour and dreadful.

Please share - which of these tips are you going to incorporate more routinely into your everyday health and fitness plan? Or what tips do you rely on that we've missed? We'd love to hear from you!

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We would love for you to share this post with your girlfriends - let's build each other up and support each other in the pursuit of our individual success stories!

Go get movin!

Jessica Locke, R.D.

Team KIT