​Creative Connections | Being Social During a Pandemic

by Jessica Locke

More than ever, we all realize how important it is to stay connected to friends, family and the places that make us feel safe, loved and happy. The separation and isolation brought on by the Pandemic has contributed to fear, sadness, anxiety and loneliness for us all. Let's take control of what we can and find ways to support ourselves and each other by embracing new ways of socializing.

We're always reminded of the importance of planning our workouts. During this time especially, we're realizing how important it is to plan time for connection, too! 

1. Facetime, Zoom, HouseParty, or an old fashioned drive-by are all good ways to connect. Let's figure out a way to get “face - near - face” with those important to us. Planning a weekly event or daily check-in and then writing it on our planners helps us to commit. Let's remember that even on days where we "feel fine” - someone else might not. A quick interaction could be the sunshine in someone else's day.

2. Book clubs, virtual workouts, accountability meet-ups, cocktail hours, online gaming and group movie watching are good excuses to get together! There are lots of new, creative ways for us to interact socially. 

3. Social Media is having a heyday! Now is the time for us to use those Facebook groups, slide into DM’s, comment and engage on YouTube videos, share the social content we're enjoying with friends and family so that it becomes a connection point for us all.

4. Don't forget snail mail! Those of us who love pen and paper are enjoying a renewed zest for snail mail. An unexpected surprise in the mailbox always brings a smile - for both the sender and receiver! If short on pen pals we've created the perfect challenge for ya! Join us this month in “Sharing what you Love”. Just sign up here on Elfster and indulge a new friend in one of your fav planner supplies or office accessories. Wouldn’t you love a pen, sticker set or washi tape from a fellow planner? We thought so!

Whatever you do - remember YOU are not alone. We’re in this together and that togetherness and community will see us through! 


Speaking of Facebook Groups - all photos in this post were submitted through our #kitgirl community. Thank you Michelle Metheny, Alie Williams, Kelli Adams, Jenn Victoria, Elana Coan, Gladys Rice, Anamarie Sabbagh, Renee Goergen and  Lisa Kersey for your photo submissions.