Clean Eating with Costco

by Liz Allen

Often when we think about wholesale grocery stores, we think of bargain foods - and not the healthiest options. But, I must say, Costco is quite the gem when it comes to warehouse grocery. We visit Costco WEEKLY, and supplement our remaining grocery needs at smaller / local options (like Lucky's, Publix, Aldi or Walmart). 

So, for those curious about my fav healthy things at Costco, here's the rundown:

Seriously, I'm nuts for pistachios. I wasn't a big fan of them until we found them shelled. It's a big bag, but let me tell you, they go quick in my house! ($13.99)

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We try to get fish into our dinner rotations 1 - 2 weekly, and our go-to fav fish is Salmon. We try to find our Salmon wild caught (which isn't always easy to do, even living in Florida!). This is our go-to frozen fish option! For the rest of our meat, we have a ButcherBox subscription. ($20.99)

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A little sweet tooth resolve for me is Smyrna Dried Figs. I love the crunch of this yummy flower - and so do my kiddos! I love portioning out 2-3 with a serving of pistachios for a snack that's a little sweet and a little salty.

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Greens. Seriously, we go through SO many greens in my household that it becomes difficult to keep up with unless we buy them at Costco. That, and the price for the quantity is fantastic. Our favorites? Organic Spinach, Organic Spring Mix and Organic Romaine. If they have them all? One of each, please!! (Spring Mix $4.99, Spinach $3.99 and Romaine $5.49)

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Ok - so it took me a while to become a fan of Brussels Sprouts - but these days I'm hooked. We eat them 3 - 4 times weekly - with appearances in breakfast, lunch and dinner! When it comes to Brussel's I have a preference for organic - but boy oh boy is that hard to find in the store. ($9.79)

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Broccoli is also among our fav cruciferous veggies - and also makes it's way into many of our meals. We also buy this organic and frozen very often from our local Costco. ($6.79)

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One of my absolute fav comfort foods? Mashed potatoes! I love smashing up some Riced Cauliflower to mock my fav side! Not to mention, it is a great rice substitute and I do find myself enjoying using it with any Asian inspired dishes. ($7.99)

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You know - guac is extra for a reason. Avocados are EXPENSIVE little buggers, but none the less my love affair with them will not cease. We love snagging green-house grown avocados from Costco. ($6.49)

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So - speaking of guacamole... Costco offers a few different guac options, but this is one is my personal fav! Love the serving size containers! It keeps the remaining guac fresh. There's nothing worse than brown guac! 

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Once you realize all the stuff that goes into most store bought Maple Syrup, the more you'll hunt for something better. We found this Maple Syrup at Costco - super clean - super yummy. ($10.89)

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One of my favorite protein packed snacks is Hard-Boiled eggs. But I've NEVER really mastered the process. Luckily, Costco has those of you like me covered with boiled (and PEELED!) eggs in packs of 2.

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And last but CERTAINLY not least, is my favorite staple. This stuff is SO versatile, is free of soy and - it's just downright delicious. Avocado Mayo is the base I use for most of my creamy sauces and dressings. I love it SO much!

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So what about you? What are your favorite items from Costco?