Boredom Busters for Kids

by Ashley

We’ve all heard those dreaded words: “Mom, I’m bored." Your kids are home for the summer, and they can’t seem to stay occupied no matter how many toys they have in their toy box. Lucky for all you #kitmoms out there, I’ve acquired a list of boredom busters that are fun, interactive, and low budget to get your littles moving their bodies and using their brains!

Marshmallow Shooters Showdown:

This is a fun game that can keep your kids entertained for the longest time. All you need is a couple small Styrofoam cups, balloons, and mini marshmallows. Tie a knot in each un-inflated balloon then cut a small opening towards the top. Cut out the bottom of each Styrofoam cup and stretch the balloons over the bottom of the cups. Place a mini marshmallow into the cup and you’re ready for battle! Simply pull the balloon back to fire. Use a point system (10 points for hitting arms and legs, 25 points for hitting stomachs, no head shots allowed!) and set a goal amount of points for your kids to reach. If you don’t want them shooting marshmallows at each other, you can create a dart board and assign points to the various sections.

Homemade Bubbles:

Kids do love a little healthy competition, so I like to whip up some homemade bubble solution and give them different tools: a bent hanger, string, an open can (make sure there are no sharp edges along the rim), pipe cleaners, cookie cutters, a cut-out paper plate, etc.) and see who can create the biggest bubble with their selected tool! I use 6 cups of water, 1 cup of dish soap, and ¼ cup of corn syrup to make the perfect giant bubbles.

Learning with Sidewalk Chalk:

Anytime I can incorporate learning into fun summertime activities, I jump on it! For younger kiddos who are still learning all the different parts of the body, ask them to lie down on the sidewalk and outline their body with chalk. Then, have them color in their outlined body while taking time to point out each body part.

For older kids outline their body but instead of having them point out body parts like arms and legs, help them draw organs on their body like heart and lungs.

Rock Monsters:

Send your kids on a scavenger hunt to see who can find the coolest rocks. Once they’ve collected enough, wash the rocks off and set out paints and googly eyes. Your kids can paint their rock monsters however they would like, or even make them into animals! Both girls and boys will enjoy their new rock monster pet. If you’ve got cardboard boxes on hand – you can make and decorate “houses” for these monsters as well.

Shaving Cream Rain Clouds:

When those rainy days come around and your little ones are stuck inside all day, fear not! This rainy-day science experiment from will keep them busy. You’ll need: clear glasses, small containers, shaving cream, food coloring, an eye-dropper, and water. Fill the small containers with water, but keep in mind the less water you use the faster your rain will drop. Add the food coloring into different small containers, using about 10 drops in each. Fill 2/3 of the clear glass with water and spray the shaving cream on top. Use the eye dropper to drop your different colors onto the shaving cream, watch your shaving cream cloud rain! This is a fun and interactive way to explain why and how it rains.

Super Slime Recipe:

All you need is cornstarch. Just dump some into a bowl, add some water, and start mixing. Keep adding water until it reaches the consistency you want (a good place to start is 2 parts cornstarch to 1 part water). Add food coloring and you're done!

Hopefully these boredom busters will help with keeping your babies entertained and using their brains with fun games, crafts, and experiments all summer long!

Calling all #kitigirl moms! How do you keep your kiddos occupied and happy during the summer? Post your boredom busters on Instagram with #kitmom to help other moms tackle that age-old question; “what can we do?”

Ashley (Professional Boredom Buster)

Team KIT