Back to School Time!

by Team KIT

It’s that time again; back to school. With the grunting and groaning of summer vacation being over, this time of year also brings excitement and anticipation. Whether or not they admit it – everyone is ready to get back to school by about mid-August. Kiddos are ready to see and socialize with their friends, and parents are craving the routine that the school year brings. Summer fun is just that, but after a couple of months, we adults generally feel the pull of work and other commitments that we’ve let slide a bit since June.

Kiddos have a lot on their mind too in preparation for Day 1 – a perfect first day outfit is major! And hair must be expertly done, as well as makeup (if they wear it). The worrying of whether or not they will get lost on campus often sets in, also. It can be a bit stressful with so many things to ponder – you might consider a “dry run” a few days before to ease their minds. And it never hurts to time the whole “getting ready” process, so you know when that alarm needs to sound off in order to make it to school on time!

Another thing to review with your little’s is safety. It is very important to make sure your child is in the know! Below is a link for a back-to-school safety checklist that may be super helpful.

It wouldn’t be back to school without shopping! New clothes, shoes, lunch boxes, backpacks and all the requisite supplies are fun to scoop up - but the costs can add up fast! These items mean a lot to the younger ones, and having “just the right things” can really boost their confidence. It pays to shop early and hunt for bargains! Don’t forget that most states do tax free shopping weeks or weekends. This will help you save a little bit of money on all those back-to-school necessities. Check out the links below if you would like to know if and when your state has tax-free shopping.

Are your little ones ready for back-to-school? What are this year’s favorite picks for backpacks and lunch boxes? Share your back-to-school stories and comments with us below, let us know what you anticipate this year and how your planning to make that first day extra special!

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