August Favorites

by Team KIT

August - beautiful August. August was a long awaited Christmas-esque month for us. Launching our product line for the year ahead brings us a lot of excitement - and a lot of joy. The outpouring of support that we received blew us away - and that may be why our August favorites are being shared now...half way through September. 



Switching foundation around these parts is an occasion that is few and far between. For the longest time both Jenny and Liz have been dedicated to Estee Lauder, but in Jenny's search for change - she found a new smashing foundation that she is currently lovin' on. A lovely part? Shop-able at ULTA. 


If you're interested in the latest snack bar or treat, just ask Jess. She's got a good eye for scooby snacks and is currently favoring the sweet little Mini Perfect Bars. A good variety, and the perfect size protein delight. 


This book came as a recommendation from a good friend, Erin Mills. And honestly, a recommendation is the strongest influence in our decision for a good read. And on top of the rave review from our friend? If you check out Amazon - our favorite author Gretchen Rubin left a this review:

“The brilliantly insightful Brené Brown draws upon extensive research and personal experience to explore the paradoxes of courage: we become strong by embracing vulnerability, we dare more greatly when we acknowledge our fear. I can’t stop thinking about this book.”

I could you NOT want to read this book now?



This launch week was a little extra special for us. First, we launched early. Second, we did this little thing. We opened up our first little planner boutique in Winter Garden, Florida...the same week as our website launch. Here are some pictures a local blogger took and shared with us.