August Favorites

by Jessica Locke

Another 30 days (31 to be exact) have come and gone and we’ve rounded up a few of our faves to share! Since we’re already into September we’ll jump right in to the list and be quick about it! 

Many of you have likely heard of the Billie Razor. It’s a subscription box service built around a particularly nice razor and accompanying shave related products for women. I’ve been using a Billie for about 6 months now and I love it. Although the concept seems gimmicky – I mean how special can a razor be? – I have to admit I do think it works GREAT! Truly better than other razors for sure. Here’s what I like about it:

  • It has a magnetic holder that sticks in your shower and holds the razor. Unlike other suction cup based things I’ve tried in the past – this sucker works! Its been holding firm since the day I placed it on my shower wall
  • The blades – SUPER SHARP! And they last a long time. In fact – I put a “hold” on my shipment of blades for a couple of months. I had built up extras as I don’t have to change the blade very often and I shave DAILY. (I don’t know why – its just a lifelong habit – you’re welcome hubby!)
  • The Shave Cream – an odd consistency between a gel and a cream I swear this is the magic sauce. Somehow – it creates a super close shave. You will notice a difference!
  • The Design – okay – totally superficial, I know - but it looks nice and sleek.

The subscription starts at like $10/month. If your looking to treat yourself I say go for it. 

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Target Loungers
I bet if you were to go back through ALL of the archives and re-read the monthly faves there would be something each month from Target! They are just that good! August is no exception as I found the most wonderful lounge pants for when (and if) the weather cools down here in Florida. At $20.00 they’re well worth it and I already sent a pair to my mom who loved them so much she bought a pair for her best friend for Christmas. If you love to spend your evenings and weekends in comfy, loose, “eat all the things” pants – these are your BAE.

I think I’m late to the party here but I finally tried the NYX Butter Lip Glosses. Yep – the bloggers and influencers are right – they’re pretty awesome. Not sticky, stays on well, yet not drying, shiny but not glittery and fairly priced – I started with one and now have 3. They are less than $4.00 at my CVS/Walgreens and $3.33 on Amazon. If you haven’t tried any yet maybe pick up a shade for fall

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Jenny has been doing some summer traveling as you might recall. Did you see her travel tips on IG? She’s getting to be a real pro! And she knows you don’t necessarily want to take your expensive sunnies with you on all the planes, trains and automobiles. She prefers a budget friendly pair of shades that won’t set you back if lost, stolen or broken. These came from Amazon and they’ve got style to spare. Despite a price tag of $ 14.99 she makes them look like a million wouldn’t you say?

Another item from Jenny are these adorable, exterior string lights. She’s creating an outdoor paradise on her patio so she can enjoy some cooler evenings with the hubs. These were just $17.00 and reportedly – very good quality!

Back to school means lunches and snacks – for the kiddos and us adults too! A favorite around Jenny’s house is apples and peanut butter. Also popular are apples and hummus, apples and ranch dip and of course the yummy standby, apples and caramel! Jenny’s been using this simple apple slicing gadget with regularity. For $7.00 off Amazon it’s more than paid for itself already. Its easy, makes convenient portions for snacking and reduces waste since you really get all of the apple. Ever notice that some people tend to leave a lot of fruit around the core!?

That’s a wrap for August gals.

We’d love to hear if you’ve tried any of these items. Better yet – what was on your list of favs this past month?

Please share!