April Favorites

by Liz Allen

This month has been filled (already) with happy dances galore. We've really gotten elbows deep into conversations about the new 2019 Planners - and our first ever Surprise Box for the Summer.
These, right here, might just be a few of my favorite things. But perhaps they don't quite qualify for our April Favorites list. 

The three of us continue to be busy, busy, busy but at-least we're all on the same continent again!
Here are a few of our favorite things from April thus far.


Epic Mascara

I often have thought that if I had the option for only 1 makeup item - it would be mascara. Right? Let me start by saying that the name of this mascara was chosen wisely and accurately - it's truly Epic. We've always known Younique to have a great lineup, so there was no hesitation in our urge to make this purchase and we're so glad we did. It started with Jess, Liz was next and Jenny is already inquiring too.

The Rooster Bar

The newest John Grisham book - The Rooster Bar -  is really great! Jessica says it's one of his better ones in the last 5 years and she breezed right through it. 

A To-Die-For Floral Print Dress

When Jenny booked her trip to Thailand, a new easy-to-explore-in dress was on the shopping list. Even after she purchased "the one", Liz found the dress online and sent it over to her as a good option. Great minds think alike. The best part? She scored the dress on Amazon for a steal. 

Perfect Pair Podcast

Dax Shepard and wife Kristen Bell literally define the popular hashtag #relationshipgoals.
Both are awesome  - but together - they are practically irresistible. Dax Shepard has recently launched the ARMCHAIR Expert Podcast and his 2nd interview was with his wifey - it's a must listen. If you aren't already swooning over this duo - you will be soon.

Clinique Take the Day Off

When the end of the day arrives and you're finally ready to de-robe and clean your face - it's no fun dealing with hard to remove makeup. This cleansing balm is a must have on Jessica's list this month.


Thailand Adventures

Jenny and her main squeeze are quite the world travelers - and for months now they've been planning an adventure to Thailand. Jenny's going LIVE to talk all about her experiences on an amazing trip that took them nearly 35 hours of travel. They saw monkeys swim, watched men riding elephants and so much more. The memories - and the jet lag - are still top of mind.


Habit Tracking

You know we are absolutely nuts about Habits - but the key with forward progress is implementation. For us paper and pen gals, tracking is the perfect match during implementation. Seeing our progress unfold before our eyes makes goals and habits easier to obtain. So over here at kitlife we've been a little nutty about habit tracking - so much so that we've got a new Habit Tracking product underway. 

April Self-Care Suggestions

If you haven't already read the Self-Care Suggestion in your kitlife Planner for April, give this a look see. 

"Self-care isn't selfish at all! Consider this: research shows that babies are fussier when moms display tension. Stress causes cortisol levels to rise and contributes to weight gain and poor sleep quality. Even 10 minutes of me-time a day can make a difference - so make YOU a priority NOW."

A quick translation? Us taking care of ourselves first may help us manage our stress and might even support less fussy children...? Sign me up!