A Valentine's Day Celebration for Everyone

by Liz Allen

Valentine's Day is definitely a bit of a Hallmark holiday - but nonetheless we love any opportunity to celebrate. Well, that and we're also suckers for snail mail. Everyone has their own Valentine's Day traditions - whether it's a box of chocolates, a bottle of wine or (as it is for me) an at-home steak dinner with my family of 4. But this February, we're bringing around a new tradition. Valentine's Day is about feelin' the love - and so we've crafted a list that will help you feel just that. 

Valentine's Challenge

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Each day, we'll be tasked with an itty-bitty challenge. Something that is easy to fit in, but will give us all the good feelings. The tasks range from something as simple as taking a quiz, to starting a new book - by the end of this month you'll be feeling accomplished and in the Valentine's Day spirit. 

Here's the run down!

♡ 2/1 Kick off the month of love with this quiz: 5lovelanguages.com/profile/

♡ 2/2 Listen to podcast or read a blog with a self-improvement theme.

♡ 2/3 Prepare a new healthy recipe.

♡ 2/4 Be accountable to yourself and track your habits for one week.

♡ 2/5 Start a new book.

♡ 2/6 Take a walk with family, a friend or a neighbor.

♡ 2/7 Send some snail mail.

♡ 2/8 Look through your planner and finish an undone task from January.

♡ 2/9 Wash your sheets with a lavender scent.

♡ 2/10 Offer a foot massage to someone you love.

♡ 2/11 Be accountable to your favorite tribe - congratulate another member.

♡ 2/12 Check in with your budget - course correct as needed.

♡ 2/13 Do 20 minutes of yoga (or some simple stretching).

♡ 2/14 Make a list of all the people in your life who show you love.

♡ 2/15 Leave a hidden love note for someone in your family.

♡ 2/16 Indulge in a cliché romantic comedy the whole family can enjoy.

♡ 2/17 Create a playlist of workout music with a love theme.

♡ 2/18 Devote a power hour to a work project you’ve been postponing.

♡ 2/19 Call someone you care about just to chat.

♡ 2/20 Offer to draw a bath tonight for someone you love.

♡ 2/21 Encourage the fam to sit together and read (no phones allowed).

♡ 2/22 Start this Friday off with bear hugs and kind words.

♡ 2/23 Plan a fun, low budget date night.

♡ 2/24 While meal prepping your week, make a little something for a friend.

♡ 2/25 Show Monday who’s boss - add some extra items to your to-do list.

♡ 2/26 Give yourself a moment to reflect on this week’s accomplishments.

♡ 2/27 Give the gift of your full attention today - look everyone in the eye.

♡ 2/28 Plan to connect with friends and send some snail mail in March.