A Look Inside | 2020-2021 Academic Mid-Year Weekly Planner

by Team KIT

There's nothing like feeling in charge with a Weekly Planner. It offers you an overview of the week ahead and acts as a true command center. Along with our Weekly Planning spreads, you'll find plenty of inspiration, motivation and  a planning tools to help you reach your goals and strike a balance between your personal and professional life.


The 2020-2021 Keeping it Together Weekly Planner features a hard cover in 2 beautiful design options. 




A paper pocket is attached to the inside of the front cover. Such a great spot to tuck in small items that need to stay front of mind. And surprise! There are *NEW* stickers inside.

Weekly Pages:

Each week is spread over two pages, giving you an overview of the week in a single glance. The weekly spread also prompts for daily self-care, gratitude, your Weekly Goal and Big 3 priorities. Task listing space is also included on the bottom right.

Weekly Spread

Weekly Spread (Left) - Features Monday through Thursday. Each Day's space is horizontal, offering option segmentation and a prompt for self-care. The bottom of the page prompts for Gratitude journaling each day of the week.

Weekly Spread (Right) - Features Friday through Sunday, with a large space on the bottom right for Task Listing and  prioritizing. The top of this page prompts for focus on the current weeks biggest goal.

Monthly Calendars:

Every month a monthly calendar will be displayed for pre-planning. The previous and following months will be available for an overview. Notes space is also available.

Monthly Spread

Monthly Spread (Right)

Monthly Check-Ins:

Discover and plan your personal and professional goals for the month ahead. This *NEW* Monthly Check-In has us so excited to start in our planners July 1st.

Monthly Check-In Spread

Monthly Check-In (Left) - Here you'll take a few moments to consider your personal and professional goals (4). You'll log those goals and consider what habits can help you to achieve them. Next, you'll use your habit tracker (for those new habits and several more!) to track your progress.

Monthly Check-In (Right) - We're always looking for balance. On this page you'll find space to jot down your goal for Reading, Podcast Listening, Socializing, Activity and Healthy Eating. We'll encourage some creativity with prompts to consider.

Other Features:

Interior Tabs mark each month without protruding from the planner. The interior tabs' coloring is visible from the side of the planner - making it easy to flip into the month of your choice.

Notes Pages are found in the back of the planner.

Our *NEW* Navy Blue Elastic Band will keep your planner shut while in tow - but also acts as a bookmark to hold your page. 

Stickers include monthly tabs (if you prefer tabs to protrude!), inspirational prompts and functional planning. 

Monthly Budgets are available in the back of your planner to keep you on track!

Meal Planner / Grocery Lists are located in the back of your planner. The Grocery Lists are perforated for easy use.

A  Collection of Travel Planners / Packing Lists may be found in the back of your planner. The Packing Lists are perforated for easy use. 

We couldn't be more excited to share this new Weekly Planner with you. Will you choose a Weekly Planner for 2020-2021?