A Little KIT Comparison

by Courtney Lynn

Hey friends! Hope you’re all having a beautiful September so far, and have been enjoying the change in temperature. It’s hard to believe there’s only four more months left in this year!

Around this time every year I typically begin my search for next year’s planner. I’ve always had multiple planners that I use throughout the year (food planner, fitness planner, schedule planner, budget planner), that is until last year when I discovered KITLIFE.

I bought my first KITLIFE planner after searching and searching for one planner that could do it all, and finding it in these cute and practical spiral bound books.

I got my 2020 KIT book a couple weeks ago, and I’m excited to share all the differences I’m seeing between the 2019 and 2020 versions.

Let’s start with my personal favorite part-The Quarterly Check-Ins.

The Quarterly Check-Ins have all kinds of good stuff - personal development worksheet, goals, reflections, etc.

For the 2020 planner, they’ve gotten rid of the flap that was at the beginning, opting instead for two full pages of clean and bold areas to write out your reflections and goals.

The monthly welcome and and the monthly spread following the beginning of each month is the same as previous versions.

The weekly spread has changed slightly however, in color and arrangement. The entire spread is now in black, white, and gray, allowing for you to highlight your plans in a pretty pop of color.

There is now a “self-care” line instead of a heart line, and an ‘“eat well” and “be active” section has been added to the bottom right.

Your “Big 3” category is still included, just at the top of the page instead of the bottom.

At the end of the week, the “peek at the week” section has been removed and instead replaced with just a hybrid space. You can use this however you see fit! I plan to continue using mine as a review of the week, with Saturday and Sunday sharing a slot!

Finally, what used to be a small vinyl pocket in the back is now a paper pocket in the front. I was so excited about this!! Perfect place for all the receipts to my KITLIFE accessory obsession ;)

I definitely did not do this beautiful planner justice via this blog post, but hopefully I was able to give you some insight into last year’s version versus this year’s. Personally, I really love both versions. The quality of the content has not changed and that is what has led me to stick with the same planner for two years in a row. (This is really shocking for a girl with SERIOUS commitment issues).

If you don’t enjoy wellness, feeling good, being structured, and overall good vibes, then this planner is not for you. Otherwise, welcome to the fam! Catch ya on the ‘gram!