A Good Morning Starts the Night Before | Guest Blogger Marsha Apsley

by Marsha Apsley

It’s 4:30AM, and my alarm is going off. Actually most days I wake up just before the music starts playing. I can do that because I’m pretty committed to my 9:00PM bedtime (just ask my friends and family!). There’s a lot to do on any given day, and I like to get a jump start on it.

I know that not everyone is a morning person. But life requires of us to get up and get moving...at some point anyway!

My mornings can best be described with the hashtag: #JesusSweatCoffee. I like to get up early enough so I can have my quiet time...actual quiet time, before my teenage son and my husband get up. Then I run or do an at home workout before heading to the shower and then getting on with my day, which includes plenty of coffee (and usually a piece or two of chocolate for good measure!).

It’s my experience that a good morning starts the night before. Making simple preparations like like picking out clothes, filling water bottles, and glancing at your agenda helps set the stage for a good day.

Until a year ago, I had multiple lists and notebooks on my desk. I had a place where I logged my daily workout including run or bike mileage. I had a list of what I needed to work on in my business. I had a gratitude journal where I list three things for which I’m grateful at the end of each day.

But then I was introduced to the Kitlife Daily Planner. Friend, my life forever changed!

I was in a group where they gave away a planner. I hadn’t had a good planner since the days of my Franklin Covey when I worked as a Home-Based Counselor in a local group home.

I received a box with my planner (glitter included!), and it became the answer to my lists and notebooks. It had a place for my daily tasks, my schedule, my workouts, and even my gratitude.

Nothing makes me happier than an organized work environment and an organized life. I know that not everything always goes as planned. I’m here to admit that I can be scheduled to a fault and lack the flexibility for spontaneity, but I do believe a key to staying positive and moving as seamlessly as possible throughout the day is to get started on the right foot and have intention.

As women who wear many hats, it’s important for us #kitgirls to have a plan so we can stay organized, focused, and carry on with a positive attitude throughout our day.

I have a wall calendar for our family for general appointments. Then I utilize my daily planner for all of my personal appointments and business planning. I’m working on a new book. I lead a membership community.. I meet with women one on one, and I speak to groups. I share content on social media regularly and in my Facebook group. All of those things are in my planner, and I often plan out about a month in advance.

Each day I utilize “The Big 3” section to keep me on task. Sometimes I find myself getting distracted and so I ask myself if that task is moving me forward or is helping me in any way. If it isn’t then I redirect and get back to my list.

To be sure, not every moment of everyday needs to be planned.

Self-care is key to remaining productive and helpful to those around us. I like to say that “self-care is taking care of them.” When we care for ourselves, we are better for the people that we love and serve. We are better for our family and for our clients. Each day, whether it’s five minutes or an hour, try to do something to care for yourself. You could have a cup of hot tea in the evening, read a chapter in a book, or schedule a massage or mani/pedi every month or so.

Some tips for planning your day so that you can stay positive throughout

  • Prepare the night before
    • Lay out clothes, prep/pack food, plan exercise, fill water bottles
  • Set the alarm with no more than 1 snooze option
    • Place it across room if necessary
  • Have a wake up drink
    • Start with water, maybe add a splash of lemon
  • Move
    • Simply stretch and/or do some deep breathing exercises
  • Quiet time
    • Pray, read a Bible passage, devotional, use an app, repeat a positive mantra

Cheers to a productive day!