A Fitness Focus for 2020

by Liz Allen

January offers us many things. We enter each new year feeling a sense of refresh, an urge to renew and the zest to chase our goals and dreams. And, we’re more than happy to hop on that bandwagon. Any excuse to get excited about self-improvement is a good excuse to us.

Many of us have started this year with a shnazy new gym membership. We’re ready to bust down the gym doors in our new workout clothes. We may even keep at it for a couple of weeks! But how do we avoid becoming the nearly 14% of new gym goers that stop going by February... or the 80% of gym goers that stop within 5 months?

Often we set our sights too high, especially during the new year. We make our goals too big and too difficult to accomplish. We create them to require discipline and constant effort. And whether it’s for lack of planning or perhaps the eventual fading of that new-years-mojo – we end up quitting and back where we started. 

Around here at KITLIFE, we definitely believe in the power of activity. We all want the physical and mood enhancing benefits it offers, but when it comes to sticking with it – it all comes down to about routine and habit.

So, for those of us setting out to venture into 2020 with a fitness focus...

1) Set specific goals … and be reasonable

  • When setting goals for yourself, be specific.

    Goals like “I want to lose weight” or “I need to get back to the gym” are too vague. I, personally, my general rule of thumb is including a there is a number in my goal.

    “I want to lose 15 lbs by October 1, 2020” or “I’m going to visit the gym 3 times per week” feels like I know what I need to achieve.
  • While you’re setting these specific goals – be reasonable with yourself. Yes, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Afterall, you CAN do this… but don’t be too hasty. If you set your goals too high, you may find yourself discouraged or burnt out. So start small and reassess your goals as you progress.

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Build Habits to Support You

Once our goals are set, we have to try to figure out what we can do to make success easier than failure. Let’s get ourselves ahead by creating habits and routines that work for our lifestyles.

  • Pick a Specific Time | We tend to have the most control of our time in the morning and at night. Find a time that you can reserve just for you – a time that won’t get interrupted with a conference call or interrupted by your fun-lovin’ toddler.

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  • Align your Days | If the goal is to work out 3 – 4 times per week, get them in your planner in the beginning of the week. Choose which days work best for you and then stick with them. You’re more likely to do a workout on a day you planned for it, then on a day you didn’t.

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  • Pack in Advance | Ever gone to the gym, realized you didn’t have your headphones and turned back around? (Asking for a friend…) It’s important to pack in advance to eliminate any easy excuses to make a sharp left turn before walking into your workout. So get out that gym bag and pack your workout clothes, your headphones, water bottle, sweat towel – anything you need to keep you going. And, if you work out at home (like we often do) set your outfit out the night before and fill your water bottle and pop it in the fridge.

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  • Choose your Moves |Decision fatigue is a real thing. Planning an exercise routine in advance will help to ensure you’re hitting all the muscles you want, will help keep things interesting – and may even help you fight the urge to wind up on the elliptical every gym sesh (been there!)

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  • Don’t Forget the Fuel | Starting a new workout regimen can be taxing. Make sure you’re thinking about your pre and post workout needs in regards to hydration and food as well. Maybe you’ll find that a fasted workout leaves you feeling tired, plan to eat before the gym. Or perhaps you’ll find your hunger is raging an hour after a workout, make sure you’ve got some scoobie snacks to ward of any hanger.

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  • Accountability Partner | Ok, ok, so it’s not a habit but BOY is it in important. Make sure you let those around you know your goals and intentions. We could all use a cheerleader when we’re working on ourselves. And you deserve the support!

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So tell us, is fitness on your list for 2020? Have you implemented new habits to help take you where you want to go this year? We’d love to hear.