A Day in the Life | Liz Allen

by Liz Allen

One of my favorite things about engaging in social media is getting to see “behind the scenes.” It’s like a little window into other people’s lives. Whether they are a friend, an idol or a brand – being able to see what life is like behind the lens is an absolute treat to me. Which is probably why Instagram Stories (and maybe the whole reality tv epidemic) is so addictive! No matter who you are – or what you do – we all lead unique lives. And whether our own days seem routine, even mundane, the way that you’ve set up each and every day may be inspiration to others. And so, in the spirit of being "behind the scenes" - here’s a little peek the into a day in the life of Liz.

Liz Allen is a co-founder of KITLIFE and the team’s designer. She’s a proud mother to two little ladies and is married to her high school sweetheart.

Every day might throw different things my way, but for the most part – the day remains pretty similar. My routines change from time to time – you know – to keep things interesting, but this is what my day to day looks like right now.

Wake up and make my way into my garage gym.
I do between 10 – 15 minutes of Cardio on my stationery bike while watching Gossip Girl. I love the idea of pairing activities, and while steady state cardio can feel very boring to me – I thoroughly enjoy this time - as it’s the only time I indulge in this juicy show.

Following my cardio, I do 10 – 12 minutes of Yoga with Adriene. She’s my absolute favorite yogi on YouTube and she’s got a pretty decent collection of short videos.

I rinse off, primp and figure out what to do with my hair. But not without a cup of coffee!!! 

By the time 7:00 rolls around, I stroll into my girls hallway – turn on all their lights and let them know they need to get up in 10 minutes. This is more for my youngest, Ellie – who does NOT want to get out of bed in the morning.

By 7:10 I’m frying eggs for the girls to eat before school, and one for me to take on the road. The next 40 minutes is filled with chaos coordination of getting the girls (and myself) out the door with lunch and daily supplies in hand.

Around 8:45 I typically land at Jessica’s house. As many of you know, the three of us (Jenny, Jess and I) work out together pretty regularly. We catch up quickly and then jump right into our workouts. Right now, we’re in to LIIFT (and we’re also into Joel, the coach – just sayin’) and if we’re really feeling eager we do a short Tone It Up workout to follow.

Around 9:45 we get settled into the office. I love to spend a bit of time in my planner – brainstorming the day and reminding myself of the goals set forth. Then – the magic happens.

Work around here is a lot of fun. Of course not all aspects of running a business are glamorous or exciting – but designing, social media engagement and product brainstorming are among the highlights of what we get to do.

3:00 I’m lucky enough to have the ability to pick up my eldest daughter every day from school. I scoop her up and she comes and hangs out in the shop with me. First priority is always homework, but she also really enjoys helping out in the shop with price tagging and packaging. So if you’re ever in our boutique and notice child-like writing on our product labelling, you know who is responsible.

5:30 I pick up my youngest from school and head home. Often I’ll spend this time catching up with the girls, listening to our current fav jams or catching up with friends on the phone.

6:15 The witching hour. I arrive home around 6:15 each day to my handsome hubbs. I do a quick unload (Arnold style – I do NOT like making more than one trip) and then we’ll get the girls to the table with a snack so I can start to prepare dinner. I’m a big fan of home-cooked meals and do my best to cook every night for the fam. This time of the day is the noisiest, most chaotic piece – and it’s nothing short of a circus. But, sitting down to dinner once the meal is ready is one of my absolutely favorite times of the day. It’s my favorite little family ritual – and it’s one I want to hold on to for as long as possible.

7:30 Leading up to 7:30, we’ve got kiddos baths, teeth brushin’ and tidying. Once we tuck the girls in (one is much more persuasive about staying up than the other) I head to the master. I love turning down my bed (you know – taking all the excessive pillows away) and get my lights dimmed to set the mood for some good Z’s. Then I make my way for a good long soak in my tub.

I recently implemented this new routine into my self-care regimen. One of my major goals this quarter was to implement more “me-time” and I have really really really LOVED this tiny slice of quiet in my day.

My current fav bath is filled with Dr Teals Epsom Salt and drops of Lavender Essential Oil.

I’m really enjoying reading in the bath. Otherwise, I find myself playing on my phone – and somehow – though it feels good in the moment to do this – I don’t love how I feel after I’ve gone down the social media black whole. So I’ve been grabbing a book, and leaving the phone behind. I’m newly into fiction as I’ve been a non-fiction reader my whole life – but just cruised through PaperTowns and currently reading Crazy Rich Asians.

Night time is next – and boy oh boy do I love me some sleep! Most nights my hubby and I enjoy an episode (or 2) of FRIENDS as our eyes tire shut.