7 Tips to Stay on Budget this Holiday

by Liz Allen

The Holiday Season is filled with many of our very favorite things: Holiday music, Michael Bublé, Hallmark movies, colder weather and family time galore. We’re also very quickly approaching one of the BIGGEST shopping weekends of the year… an exciting time for those of us who LOOOVVEEEE a good online shopping session (bonus if it's in Christmas PJs).

But when it comes to holiday shopping, it’s very easy to get caught up in all the flashing lights. It's the season of giving, yes, but the sales, ads and bonus perks can be blinding enough to blur any budget.

So, it’s time to pull out your holiday tools, #kitgirls – if we're not careful this gift-buying marathon could break the bank.

Kelsie Bynum Christmas Pajamas
Christmas Pajamas photo by Kelsie

Here are a few big tips to keep your Holiday Gift Spending under control:

Make a List.
A lesson from the big guy. Santa’s got a list far bigger than ours, so we should take his word for it. Make a list with all of the friends/family members you want to buy gifts for. Set a budget and jot down gift ideas as you begin to review ads.

Check it Twice.
Don’t let that list collect dust. As you purchase, check items off. As you spend, write your actual next to your set budget. And as you wrap, make a note so you can keep track of it all.

Holiday Planner photo by Kitlife

Match Gifts. For those on your list similar in age or personality, match their gifts. It makes it easier on YOU as the purchaser and you can even split packs of items (like these Target scrunchies) to spread them between multiple recipients. Bonus Tip: I love getting my daughters and their cousins similar items. It tends to boost a sense of camaraderie and helps to avoid jealousy.

Scrunchies picture by target_bargains

Research and Commit. There sure are a lot of bargains out there, and while it’s fun to jump around to all of the major shops, we find that keeping the majority of your purchases to one store can help keep your budget in check…and your emails a bit cleaner, too ;)

Treat Yo’self…Another Day. We get it, it’s super tempting to snag a few goodies for yourself along the way. And while we’re all about the treat yo-self mentality, that purse you’ve been wanting that’s on sale….it can take your budget from under to over just like that.

Don’t Let Deep Discounts Distract You. Just because something is on a major sale, doesn’t mean you need to buy it. If it’s not on the list, leave it be. Regardless of the sale, money spent on things you don’t need is still money spent.

Offer Up your Time. The gift of time costs next to nothing, but the impact is worth its weight in gold. Crafting cards, going on walks with friends or baking someone their fav treat (like these Amazeballs by Fitnessista) are all quality ways to GIVE this season without spending much (if anything at all).

Peppermint Chocolate Amazeballs picture by fitnessista.

We’d love to know your favorite tips for Holiday Shopping.

Happy Shopping, Frineds! May we all stay on budget, may we enjoy the buzz and may we all find a hidden talent for wrapping presents at lightning speed.


Team KIT