6 Travel Tips to Make Coming Home Easier

by Liz Allen

I believe in planning for vacations, in making itineraries, reading travel blogs and googling “best restaurants in Midtown” months before I even board a plane. I have always found that the anticipation of an upcoming trip can provide almost as much joy as the trip itself. Which is why I silently laugh (and then immediately ignore) my husband’s requests to “not plan every day of our trip.”

Let me be clear though, once the trip commences, I’m not afraid to be spontaneous. Often, we’ll find ourselves on an unplanned leg of our journey and I’m always delighted for the adventure. Pre-planning for the trip is almost like window-shopping, there is so much fun in just looking.

Now let’s talk about the hard part of travel. The part that we don’t spend nearly as much time planning for.


You know… the return back to earth, to the grind, to the non-vacationer’s place.

Here are some of our fav tips to that will make coming home easier on everyone.

1) Feather Your Nest

There is nothing worse than coming home from hours of travel to a messy home. Especially after staying in a resort that more than likely had daily cleaning, perfectly white towels and turn-down service. I always make it a goal to tidy my house if I know I’ll be away for several days. Simply making my bed and wiping down counters can make a big difference to me.

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2) Make Way for Laundry

You will likely come home with a load of laundry (at minimum) so be sure your washer and dryer are readily available for your use. Make sure your laundry bins are freed up as well. A pile of dirty laundry will stare you straight in the face upon your return – and wont leave you feeling ready to get dressed for your first day back into the swing of things.

Cute Laundry Bag - Etsy

3) An Extra Day Goes a Long Way

Circumstances may not always allow for this - but if you can, leave yourself un-booked for the day following your return. I promise, you’ll thank yourself. You’re much more likely to ease smoothly back into your normal routine if you give yourself some extra time. This day can be used to decompress and give your body the opportunity to repair / recover from any jet-lag, or worse, the germs your body likely snagged while you were out and about. Also, don’t be too hard on yourself about getting back into your routines quickly. If you rush right back into your 6:00am gym session, you may make the vacay-recovery process take even longer.

Relaxing with Coffee

4) Pack your Bags with Bags

You don’t want your dirty laundry commingling with your clean clothes – so bring a laundry bag to help you keep your suitcase (and your hotel room) tidy. If you don’t have a laundry bag to spare, snag the dry-cleaning bags that the hotel has hung in your wardrobe. Housekeeping will replenish daily if you remove - and the more the merrier. I love to separate any dirty laundry by wash load - makes it easy to open and dump in my machine when I'm back in action.

Suitcases Packed

5) Refresh and Re-Stock

You blew through those 3oz bottles of shampoo and conditioner and that toothpaste may only have a single squeeze left – next time you make it to the market – snag yourself some refills so you can put your toiletry bags back where they belong (and full of goods for your next adventure). Add it to your market-list, that way you don’t forget.

6) Be Nice to Future You

You sure were nice to yourself before that Vacation. Bought that dress you wanted? Snagged Starbucks before hitting the gate? What about you AFTER the vacay? Did you spend the last of your cash? Is your gas tank on empty? Is your fridge completely bare? Did you finish your last (gasp) k-cup? In the week ahead of your vacation, spend just a few moments considering life on the flip side and stock yourself up for success. No one wants to order pizza the day they come back from 5 straight days of restaurant food. 

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Hope these tips & tricks come in handy for your next travel. 

Here's a replay of our Travel-Tips video where I talk about a few of these tips and about my New York experience (in a nutshell).

Have any Travel-Tips of your own you'd like to share?