4 Ways to Bust through Bad Day Blues

by Liz Allen

We all go through rough seasons in life, and those seasons have a tendency to wreak a little havoc on our emotions.  When the bad day blues strike - they strike hard. And if we don't stop it, one bad day can turn into a bad week...or worse...

When we feel down, it feels kinda good to just marinate in it - doesn't it? Just sit there and soak in the frustrations. The upset. The anger. It feels good to call friends and get all hyped up re-visiting our pain. Maybe we'll play a sad song just to get the tears flowing. Maybe we'll start reminding ourselves of everything that's not perfect in life right now. Maybe we'll go home and indulge in a glass of wine or satisfy a sweet-tooth-craving...or maybe we'll do all of the above. 

Feeling our emotions is necessary in understanding why we feel the way that we feel. This process can help us grow emotionally. However, getting tied up or obsessive with our emotions is where the trouble begins. We have to find a way to bust through those bad day blues, before they start to run our life. 

So if you find yourself night after night, binging on sappy Netflix movies with a glass of wine and tears in your eyes - perhaps you need a good dose of 'feel-good-self-care" to get yourself back up on your feet.

KITLIFE's current Quarterly Topic is self-care, and it's an important topic to say the least. This quarter, we've been diving into further understanding the benefits of self-care and how we may be able to utilize this lovely movement to our advantage. Though conversations about self-care are still on the rise - it seems the current position of self-care is still very much a regimen of manis, pedis and face-masks. But - we're all beginning to realize that self-care is so much more than just that.

Self-care can make us feel good about ourselves, it can make us feel more confident  and it can really lift our spirits. Now isn't that perfect recipe to get us out of the dumps!? Here are some acts of self-care that will get your emotions in check:

Hit the Gym

Exercising has an incredible impact on your body, which we know, but there are also mega-benefits for your mood! It can relieve stress, decrease feelings of depression and anxiety and it can help us sleep better. Talk about an overall mood booster! 

Soak in some Sunshine

Get a little bit of sun exposure for the Vitamin D our bodies craves to maintain a more positive outlook. Study after study shows correlations between a Vitamin D deficiency and depression. So skip the sadness and let's run towards the sun!

Visit with Friends

We need to surround ourselves with your friends who give us all the good vibes. We need to enjoy their company, get in a few giggles and leave feeling repaired. Friendships and connectivity boost our oxytocin levels in the body - and in turn increases serotonin - the "feel good" hormone.

Get Good Nutrients!

Maybe - just MAYBE we've already got Papa Johns on speed dial. But getting more Omega-3 fatty acids into our diets may improve our moods and decrease any mood swings. So let's swap that pizza slice for salmon and feel the benefits.

What are your favorite self-care rituals to improve your mood?