2019 Weekly Planner Walkthrough

by Team KIT

We can't believe it's been only for a year since we launched our first Keeping it Together Weekly Planner. She has settled right on into the KITLIFE family, and we're so happy to have her. Last year was our first run at a weekly, and we quickly became fans of the overview opportunity a Weekly Planner brings.

What are the Benefits of a Weekly Planner

When you walk into our sweet little boutique in Downtown Winter Garden - you'll see our Daily and Weekly planners open on the table. Why? Because the layout of your planner is perhaps the MOST important part. You see, a planner is only valuable if you USE IT! Your chosen planner has to work for your personality and planning style. So, to help you decide if weekly might be right for you - here are a few of our favorite benefits:

Provides an Overview |  The weekly's biggest bonus, in our opinion, is that it provides a fantastic visual overview of your week. In fact, this years vertical layout (that also includes time slots) makes spotting your availability (or lack there of) super simple. If you find yourself wanting to look at graphs, polls, or visual aids - a weekly MAY be your girl.

Great for Planner Newbies | If your new to planning, weekly planners can be a bit less intimidating. Now, don't get us wrong, we could talk days about the benefits of a Daily Planner, but having a full page per weekday for someone new to the paper and pen world can be a bit overwhelming. If you're just getting your feet wet with planning, a Weekly may be the perfect way to dip your toes on in.

Portability | If you're new to KITLIFE, you should know is that our planners are MUCH more than just task lists. We put a lot of content, love and care into each and every page. We want woman to have ALL the tools they need to live a balanced, contented and productive lifestyle. And this comes at a size. A size in which we love - of course. If size matters to you - our Weekly Planner is a bit thinner than our daily - but still with our core pillars in mind.

Decorators Dream | For those gals who just love to decorate their planners with stickers and washi - our Weekly Planners pair oh-so-sweetly with many stickers kits on the market. Since a big appeal of this planner is the overview opportunity, adding additional visual queues (by the means of stickers) can be a great benefit and a lot of fun, too.

Key Components of our Weekly Planner

Not all planners were created equal. Each may have an underlying purpose or mission - and ours is (and always will be) to help women to Do More, Be More and Give More. Here are a few key components of our Weekly Planner that make us just plain different.

Unique Weekly Spread | Each day of the week (Monday through Sunday) has it's own individual column for daily planning with optional time slots. You're also offered a running task list for the week that includes self-care indicators as well (<3). Each week presents you the opportunity to journal gratitude and wellness - and we inspire each week with a hand-selected quote. 

Notes Pages | Every months ends with 4 lined note pages, allowing your Planner to help you keep it ALL together. Use these pages for whatever overflow space you may need, meeting notes or lists.

Personal Development | To help woman continue to focus on personal growth and development throughout the year, you'll find Quarterly Check-Ins (with a new topic for each quarter), as well as Monthly Welcome pages. We could all use a little accountability partner in becoming our very best selfs. 

Walk Through

Want to see a play by play of the Weekly Planner for 2019? Check out this video we've put together. 

What's your favorite part about a Weekly Planner?