2019 Daily Planner Walkthrough

by Team KIT

Six years ago, the three of us came together to find a planner that would help us Keep it All Together. Really, we wanted a single place that would allow us to stay in focus on several aspects of life: wellness, fitness, meal planning, gratitude journaling and time management. Life is so much more than JUST a to-do list, we wanted a planner that would truly reflect that. 

Ok, so now that our trip down memory lane is done - we're so excited to share with you our prized product - the bread and butter of KITLIFE - and the core reason our brand came into existence. The Keeping it Together Daily Planner. 

The Key Benefits of a Daily Planner

One of the few things in life where we can say... when you know - you KNOW.

If you look at a daily planner and think "oh yes - I NEED this bad boy" - you my friend, are a daily girl. Now, if you look at a daily planner and feel intimidated, or puzzled as to how you'll fill the space - daily might not be your perfect match (yet). 

One Day at a Time | Remember back when we used to think that great time management was built around multi-tasking? Well those days are gone, baby! In order to efficiently and effectively get through your tasks, you need to focus on them one at a time. Yes, we're talking makin' a list, prioritizing, and then knocking out one single task at a time. You'll be amazed at how this shift in focus allows you to accomplish things much faster. Well, here in lies the big benefit of a daily planner. You have one page per week day... which allows you to focus on one day at a time. When you feel like you're managing multiple things, having a page to organize your day is an absolute game changer.

Balance All the Things | Our planner is filled with several key daily prompts. Reminders that we have found over the years that lead to a more joyful and contented life. While putting a hard focus on your tasks is important - taking care of ourselves is key in making happiness sustainable. Every week day we remind our gals to focus on gratitude, inspiration, wellness in addition to the more common planner components (time management, scheduling, task listing.)

An Accountability Partner Like No Other | A daily planner very quickly becomes a great (and oh-so-reliable) accountability partner. Once you get into a rhythm of writing everything down, you'll start to become sort-of reliant on it. Don't believe me? Just wait until you leave your planner at home - you may experience planner withdrawals in the form of sheer panic.

The beauty of this relationship, however, is that somehow when you write a task down in your planner - you feel more determined to do it. Why? There's nothing more satisfying than checking something off the list. 

Key Components of our Weekly Planner

Not all planners were created equal. Each may have an underlying purpose or mission - and ours is (and always will be) to help women to Do More, Be More and Give More. Here are a few key components of our Daily Planner that make us just plain different.

Daily Prompts | Each week day (Monday through Friday) is filled with prompts to help you Keep it All Together. These prompts include daily gratitude, wellness/fitness, scheduling, task management and listing.

Personal Development |
To help woman continue to focus on personal growth and development throughout the year, you'll find Quarterly Check-Ins (with a new topic for each quarter), as well as Monthly Welcome pages. We could all use a little accountability partner in becoming our very best selfs.

Walk Through

Want to see a play by play of the Daily Planner for 2019? Check out this video we've put together.

What's your favorite part about a Daily Planner?