15 Traits of Successful Women

by Jessica Locke

Many months ago, I ran across an article in Success Magazine. It listed 15 traits of Successful Women. I enjoyed the content and it got me thinking that we, in fact, knew many women who exemplified these traits. It’s taken me awhile, but I’ve finally taken to time to put our own spin on this concept by highlighting for you some successful women we know (either personally or from afar) that strongly embody these desirable traits. I’d love for you to take a read – see if there is anyone on this list you already know and also – be inspired perhaps by some new names and faces.

Article Backstory:

15 Traits of Unabashedly Successful Women by Edie Berg. Edie is the founder of The Strong Women Club and Podcast of the same name. You can find Edie atthestrongwomensclub.com

She reports that “every week for a year I interviewed a successful woman: scientists, athletes, a rabbi, activists, an astronaut, authors and entrepreneurs. Each woman has a story; each one is different. But perhaps, surprisingly, there are traits and characteristics that they have in common. “

The article was structured so that it listed in bullet format the 15 traits Edie found to be common in high achieving women. I’ve listed them again below and then mentioned one (or more) ladies that come to mind when considering these characteristics. Read on to see some familiar names and make some new friends!

1. They Play to Their Strengths

This is not always the same as doing what you love… These superstars choose their career field based on what they’re good  at and secondly, what they love.

Jessica Murnane | Podcast host, author, endometriosis expert, life-educator and inspirer, Jessica can be found in a variety of places. She’s a tremendous researcher, interviewer and writer. All strengths she showcases to the benefit of her followers. Check her out on instagram at @knowyourendo @jessicamurnane @onepartplant

She also has an amazing Facebook Group.

2. They Have Ambition

They want to change their world – and be the best at it.

Angie Lee | Podcast host, speaker, founder of Soul CBD, marketing expert and educator. With energy and conviction to spare you can find her at @angieleeshow and @mysoulCBD.

3. They Stay Positive

They know how to deal with disappointment without getting (and staying) down. They believe the future remains bright for them.

Amber Kemp | Founder of creative brand Damask Love. Amber is an entertainment personality, DIY expert, fantastic speaker, host of Disney Family Sundays and finalist on the NBC show Making It. This gal shines brighter than glitter – we promise! @damasklove

4. They’re Organized

Successful women are organized – for the purpose of this article they replied quickly, efficiently, without extra emails and without rescheduling. They know what needs to be done and just do it.

Amanda Whitley – The model of consistency Amanda focuses primarily on motivation, inspiration and product reviews for the planner community. Totally down to earth you can trust her thoughtful research and opinions. @amandasfavorites. 

5. They’re Constantly Learning

They are not static. They continually improve themselves and use mentors and friendships to accelerate those improvements.

Balanced Blonde – Jordan | A self-described cosmic soul who educates, inspires and promotes healing and wellness through her podcast and blog. She’s incredibly open-minded, encouraging her followers to consider a holistic approach in a main-stream world. As an influencer who prioritizes an intimate connection with her community, she hosts several Facebook Groups online. One of her most popular? Her “High Vibe Chronic Illness Tribe,” a group particularly close to her heart as she has been battling Lyme disease for several years. @tbbpodcast  @thebalancedblonde

Taylor Love | One of our favorite Instagram personalities, Taylor brings a mix of ALL THE THINGS we enjoy. She talks about health, wellness, exercise – all while sporting the latest fashion trends. Around here we strive for a well-rounded life, and Taylor Love is the epitome of a well-rounded gal. She steers into a more natural, holistic and non-toxic lifestyle – always sharing tips and tricks she picks up on in this arena. Oh – and did we mention that her smile is contagious?  @taylor_lovee

6. They Have a Strong Support System

They have people they count on and lean on for support.

Alli Upham | A popular BeachBody Coach, Alli has created an actively engaged support system she both mentors and relies upon. Although her current focus specializes on post-partum fitness - her energy, enthusiasm and ability to motivate others far extends the parameters of new motherhood. @alliupham

Danielle Hogle | Another BeachBody Coach who strives to help women gain confidence and live a life they love -in a body they love. She’s a dancer, mentor and champion for young girls. Her honesty and vulnerability make her relatable to many females in need of support and encouragement.  @danielle_nicole_hogle

7. They Know Failure and Success Go Together

They recognize that failures are a necessary part of getting to the top.

Jayde Donovan | We first got to know and love Jayde when she co-hosted “The Johnny + Jayde Show” on a local radio station. We’ve followed her through her tremendous career advancement, and we’ve also watched her pick herself up even after defeat. After her career hit a surprising turn when her show in NYC was cancelled – she let us all watch as she put the pieces back together. Donovan’s current goal? “to reach people from all walks of life, encourage them to be their best self and remind them to have fun on this journey no matter what life throws at you." @jaydedonovan

8. They Remain Grateful

They give credit to those that helped them along the way. They’re grateful for what they have and don’t take their current position for granted


Healthy Diva – Katie Gagliano | An influencer with good vibes and positive energy to spare. She shows her tribe that real life can be messy and wonderful at the same time. You can find her beautiful soul at @healthydivalife

9. They Work Hard and Persistently

Even in tough times (especially in tough times) they work hard and stay persistent.

Katy Roach | The gal behind Living My Best Style. She’s one of our favorite influencers in the lifestyle space. With an adorable family, a heart of gold and a tremendous work ethic, she’s the BFF you’ve always wanted. @livingmybeststyle

Erin Mills | Salon owner of Theory Salon, with passions that go well beyond hair. She’s an educator, influencer and positive voice in the self-care space. Erin and her team’s mission statement is “Kindness is our Culture and Education is our Commitment.”  @erin.mills

10. They Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

They separate the valuable from the worthless.

Happily a Housewife – Sam | A social media mom who delivers consistent content via You Tube and IG. Known for providing helpful homemaking tips as well as organization and planning skills. Her authenticity and lovable nature have made her a staple for many of us. @happilyahousewife

Marie Forleo | Described by Oprah as a “thought leader for the next generation,” Marie Forleo is a “multi-passionate” entrepreneur who can claim author, podcaster, YouTuber, speaker and dancer to her many credits. @marieforleo

11. They Choose Their Battles Wisely

They don’t make a big deal about every little thing. But if there is a real problem, they make sure its solved/addressed quickly.

Cindy Guentert Baldo | Creator of the Llamaletters brand and community, Cindy is an artist, teacher, YouTuber and uncensored podcast host. She’s known for keeping it real and isn’t afraid to enlist thoughtful, pointed conversations that we can all learn and grow from. @llamaletters

12. They Do What They Believe In

They believe in the purpose of their work and this fuels their hard work and dedication.

Marsha Apsley | Marsha counsels’ women to feel better in the body they have NOW. She brings a strong faith to her community and delivers a consistent message that both grounds you in what’s truly important while inspiring you to be your best at the same time. @marshaapsley

13. They Have Confidence

They believe in themselves and it’s a beautiful thing.

Juli Bauer Roth | Juli’s expertise is primarily health and wellness related. She’s a pro in the gym as well as the kitchen - but she also shares a wealth of lifestyle content too. She maintains her website, blog and podcast – PaleOMG all with a very authentic voice and a healthy dose of confidence and self-assurance! @paleomg

14. They Have a Vision for the Future

These women see a new and better world in the future and work toward achieving those changes. They are in it for the long haul.

Gretchen Rubin | A best-selling author, podcast host, researcher, writer, and self-proclaimed “happiness bully.” She’s a forward thinker who’s work on happiness, organization, personality types and good habits has been life changing. @gretchenrubin

15. They Feel Successful but Never Done

There are always more, always ways to be better, always further goals to reach.

These women are curious, tireless and devoted.

Chalene Johnson | The well-known queen of entrepreneurship. With a mission to help people “build a better life without the grind.” She’s a master teacher you can trust to deliver valuable content in a super fun way that always stays true to her strong sense of integrity. She's beautifyl inside and out!  @chalenejohnson