10 Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Planning

Fourth quarter 2017 is here and with it comes lots of opportunities for celebrations. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve being the most popular. Holidays are supposed to be a time of fun and happiness spent with family and friends, but admittedly, they often become more stressful than joyful. A little planning can go a long way towards giving you the time needed to actually enjoy the holidays - not dread them. These 10 tips for stress-free holiday planning will help you get started!

Holidays stress you out? Our 10 tips for stress-free holiday planning are just what you need! 

Tip #1 - Block off your holidays/parties now!

Grab your planner and mark off all holidays, vacations, events, and parties. Go ahead and write them in your monthly spread and on your daily pages. Don’t forget school and work parties as well. Feel free to dress them up with fun stickers - this will help get you in the spirit!

What I don't like about office Holiday Parties is looking for a new job the next day! - Phyllis Diller 


Tip #2 - Carry your planner everywhere!

I know we’ve said this before, but the best way to be prepared is to carry your planner everywhere so you can make notes throughout the day. This way - if someone asks you to a Christmas party, you can easily check your planner to see if you're free. Having your planner handy is also great for jotting down all the details and to-do’s that come throughout the season!

Tip #3 - Halloween

Halloween costumes are in the stores and going fast. If you haven’t bought/rented your costume, mark off time to do that this week. Candy is also in the stores - go ahead and stock up OR wait until day of and enjoy the great deals.

Thanksgiving Day Planning - FREE Printable

 Halloween is on a Tuesday this year. Make sure you know when trick-or-treating is for your city/neighborhood (as some only allow it on weekends).

Tip #4 - Thanksgiving

Did you know we offer a FREE Thanksgiving Planner printable? It contains kitchen hacks to save you time, a history of Thanksgiving, and tips for loving yourself and cherishing the holiday. Download it now from kitlife.net.

Are you going somewhere for Thanksgiving? Write out all the details on your daily page. Check with your host to see what you can bring.

Hosting Thanksgiving? Use the free printable to start your menu. And remember our Meal Planner Pads are perfect for keeping track of your grocery needs. Are you cooking everything or asking others to bring something? Make notes so you don’t wind up with 10 potato dishes and no stuffing.

Tip #5 - Plan some self-care time

Even with all the planning in the world, the holidays can be stressful. Make sure NOW to mark off some non-negotiable time for self-care/self-love. Whether it is a massage, hair cut/color, mani/pedi, or just quiet time alone at home, call for appointments and write them in your planner.

Holiday Happy Mail Postcards

Tip #6 - Christmas Cards

It's never too early to prep your Christmas cards and nothing says they have to be actual cards. Did you know we have a pack of 10 holiday happy mail postcards? Everyone loves receiving happy mail, but most of us stress about 

sending it. Order your postcards (or buy your Christmas cards) now and then block off some time the weekend of Thanksgiving or the week after to get them ready.

Tip #7 - Gifts

Buying Christmas gifts can induce anxiety - finances aside - you don’t want to forget anyone and the search for “just the right thing” can be endless! Did you know your planner has a place for this? The page opposite your November tab is for your Gift List. Write down recipients, gift ideas, budget, and what you actually spent. As you are out and about shopping (with planner in hand), you can refer to this list and see what you’ve bought or what needs to be purchased. Hiding gifts 

from your spouse and/or kids? Make note of where you have hidden the gifts on this page as well!

Tip #8 - Christmas Parties

At the beginning of each week, you should be looking ahead to see what appointments/events you have. If a Christmas party is on your list, make sure you have all the details down. Time, place, dress code, are you to bring something, etc. Planning in advance will make sure that once the event gets here you are ready to go.

Tip #9 - Christmas Week

Christmas comes on a Monday this year. While technically you have the whole weekend to prepare, consider taking Friday off work so you can prepare over the weekend and/or scheduling Tuesday off to give you time to rest afterwards. If gift wrapping stresses you out, there are charities that will wrap gifts for a small donation. Having to travel? Use one of your Doodle Break pages to make your packing list.

Tip #10 - New Year’s Eve

2018 is right around the corner. You may choose to go out and party, have dinner with friends, or stay in and binge watch Netflix. Stores will have limited hours this day, so make sure you have your shopping done early. Some of the more popular restaurants and attractions fill up quickly, so go ahead and make your reservations now or the Monday after Thanksgiving (make a note in your planner).

Hope you’re able to use these top 10 tips for stress-free holiday planning to ensure that you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!  Do tell - how do you make the holidays stress-free?  We would love to hear your holiday planning tips and tricks over in our #kitgirl community

Health & Happiness,

Team KIT