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well hello there, nicole.


Meet Nicole Culver of Blissful Eats.

To think, Blissful Eats all started with a hungry husband who wouldn’t eat breakfast. A situation that lead to a passion, which lead to a dream, and now a reality.

Prior to starting Blissful Eats, founder Nicole Culver would spend her days in her special education classroom and her evenings in her small Queens, NY kitchen to come up with creative recipes to help her husband eat healthier. Her kitchen (or cabinet, as her sister often referred to it as because it really was SO tiny!) became her lab. She made friends, family members, and even her fourth grade students try her healthy snacks. Healthy eating and recipes was not only a talent, but along the way quickly became a passion of Nicole’s!

In 2011, with special encouragement from her sister, Christine, and husband, Danny, Nicole left her career in special education teacher to pursue her dream of helping people live a healthier life full-time. After receiving her counseling certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Nicole followed her bliss and her true calling and formally established Blissful Eats!

Nicole is thrilled to be sharing her passion with you, and living her dream with every healthy bite of Blissful Eats tasted! When not working, Nicole can be found with her family, blogging, running, shopping at Trader Joe’s, or making and hosting dinner for large amounts of people!


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