Meet Us

Team KIT

Jessica, Liz and Jenny

meet jessica

Hello There! I’m Jessica - I’m a bit of an entrepreneur and organizing junkie who also serves as KIT's Registered Dietitian, Certified Yogi, and Team appointed “word ninja.” 
What team are you on? As the original Gold Girl, I’m deeply committed to the Crown Editions. But… I must say the 2017 Festival Edition has me feeling a bit of wanderlust.
How do you like your coffee? Sweet, Sweet and Sweet. Liquid Vanilla Stevia and Mocha Creamer make me very happy!
Where do you find daily joy? Productivity at home and in the KIT office make me feel calm, content and accomplished. I’m a bit obsessed with keeping my nest(s) orderly and efficient. And I love packaging! We pack up all of our own orders at the KIT office and it never gets old. Putting our heart and soul into each and every box and envisioning the happiness they bring to our #kitgirls is pure joy.
What do your Sunday's look like? We travel a lot so many Sundays are about unpacking and getting ready for the next week. But there is always time for planning and some self care like a facial mask or a home pedicure. If we’ve been in town over the weekend Sundays include working out, meal prepping and planning for the workweek ahead. 
Superhero strength: Online shopping - I’m stellar at that! I’m also pretty thoughtful, intuitive and able to make most anyone feel comfortable. 
Family Ties: My hubby and I grew up in the same town, went to high school/college together and have been married 24 years. We have a 12 year old daughter who is the perfect mix of beauty and brains, and a rescue dog named Gizmo. We love college football, Mexican food, traveling and feel very blessed to have all of our family living within an hour from us. 

meet liz

Hello, lovely! I’m Liz. The creative type, orderly by nature and in love with all things paper. I joyfully contribute to our product design, development and branding.
What team are you on?  Team Classic all the way. This vibrant edition is bold, beautiful and unique - perfectly representing our amazing #kitgirl community. 
How do you like your coffee? Black with a few drops of stevia and a bit of coconut oil.  My take on bulletproof coffee. Preferably in a cute mug –  it makes a difference.
Where do you find daily joy: My morning coffee, my amazing team, designing purposeful products, connecting with our #kitgirls, evening conversations with the hubs and tucking in my littles.
What do your Sunday's look like:  A little Yoga with Adriene, a trip to the market, afternoon meal prep, a little snooze, backyard fun with the littles and perhaps a Colts football game in the background.
Superhero strength: Figuring things out. If I ever mutter the words “I have no idea how to do that” – an hour later you’ll find me lost on YouTube, reading online forums or reading a blog.
Family Ties: My amazing little family of four means everything to me. I married my high school sweetheart – who is my complete and perfect opposite. We have two delightful little girls, one rule book (like her momma) and one wild. We spend a lot of time as a pack of four, but frequently visit with our parents and friends.


meet jenny

Hey there, #kitgirl - I’m Jenny. Naturally witty, love a good laugh and I start projects by making a complete mess before perfectly organizing it. I’m the captain of spreadsheets, and help steer the ship.

What team are you on?  Festival, baby! I’m all about the boho chic, and this gal’s Coachella spirit gives me all the feels.
How do you like your coffee? Black coffee, on the rocks. And I wont turn down a little cold brew once in a while.
Where do you find daily joy?  Early snuggles with my fur babies, a little podcast morning motivation, sitting down in my kit for some me time, and some early morning sweats at Orange Theory Fitness. 
What do your Sunday's look like?  The standard weekend uniform is yoga pants, ponytails and baseball caps. Grocery shopping and some meal prepping followed by some R&R with the Hubby and Netflix.
Superhero strength: Like Nike says, just do it. I’m always getting my hands into something, I make things happen, and I do my best to light the way.
Family Ties:  My little family consists of the hubs and my 3 fur babies. We’re a silly, laughing wolf pack and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Super close with momma, we’re talkin’ daily calls and frequent breakfast dates. The rest of the fam…they’re pretty awesome, too.