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2023 Planners coming this Fall!


Three girls sharing a passion to be our best, we love all things related to productivity, positivity and - of course - planning. Our lifestyle brand is based on what works best in our lives. And we strive to empower, inspire and encourage #kitgirls in all we do and create.

Although we do share TONS in common there are some fun distinctions between us.

Jenny is our business babe – adept at starting and running a number of companies she’s a systems pro. When she’s not being a biz whiz however she’s a bit of a country girl. She and the hubs live large in the “boonies” surrounded by their animals and never without an outdoor project.

Liz is the queen of creativity and the heart and soul of #kitlife designs. She married her high school sweetie and now enjoys life with two beautiful daughters.  Word to the wise – do not bet against her on Friends Trivia Night!

Jessica is the “glam gal” at heart! She loves anything that sparkles and shines! When she's not with Jenny and Liz living the #kitlife -  I dream of organizing, travel and chocolate.


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