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Hello! Thanks so much for visiting our happy site, we sincerely appreciate your interest in kitlife.net! Team KIT is dedicated to helping the glamorous girls of today “keep it all together.” Our aim – like most of yours – is to Do More/Be More/Give More in each and every day. Our products are centered around the Keeping It Together (KIT) Planner. It’s a highly customized tool we developed to track all the variables that comprise a radiant life. While our Planner certainly helps you keep up with all the day-to-day essentials like your task list and appointments, it’s so much more! It also prioritizes gratitude, nutrition, fitness, goal setting and meal planning. Every day our Planner gives you the motivation and inspiration to be your best self – someone who gets things done while also taking care of herself!

In addition to the KIT Life Planner you will see we have other items that coordinate and enhance your daily life. Everything we design is done with productivity and positivity in mind and we value your support and feedback tremendously. It’s our mission to optimize your life with pizazz but remain focused on results! Please take a look around and see what strikes your fancy.



Healthy Lifestyle

Each day provides a "Here's to Your Health" section where you can list meals and movement. We've also included a subtle prompt for hydration. If you like more spceific tracking we've got you covered with tracker sticker options which can be placed on the shaded area of each day.

Be Productive

Use the Open Planning Space on the left side of your daily pages to manage your day. A separate Calls & Follow-Up section is available for managing daily communication. If your day includes lots of appointments and/or meetings you can utilize our Appointment Tracker Stickers which break down the day into hour increments.

Set Your Intentions

Every day includes a dedicated Gratitude space for listing your gratefuls. It's so important to make this a daily ritual. We also provide a hand picked Quote of the Day to help you set the tone for your heart and mind.

Plan Ahead

Quarterly Check-in Pages
Peek at the Week
Side by Side Budgeting Tools
Occassions to Celebrate
Fit & Fab Tips

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